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April 27, 2012



"Her thesis is that what most ppolee know about psychological disorders comes from mass media and is innacurate, leading to psychological-related myths."Good point GG. Psychology is really bad about communicating the science of behavior and behavior change to the public, and very good at communicating PC hogwash to the public from my perspective.Trey


One of the things that stdans out in my mind about shaping healthy futures is when it was discussed at Danya about using cell phones to give patient information and using video to watch patients taking their TB meds in Kenya. Many patients refuse or forget to take their medications and it can develop into a drug resistant TB epidemic. At the time it seemed far-fetched, but with cooperation with clinics, telecommunications and other partners, we were able to make it happen. Other things happened as a result, including a series of television programs in Kenya. Any way that Danya can make an inlaid into the world’s healthcare challenges, Danya is willing to do. It will be exciting to watch Danya on the frontier of improving health through technology.Recently, Danya has been seeking to assist the FDA with tobacco control. Tobacco is a killer and smoking cessation is in the heart of the founder of Danya. As with any new venture with government agencies, it is difficult to get an inside, but that will not stop the determination that Danya has. Who knows what will develop as a result?


Jeff, I really apericpate Danya’s commitment to health insurance. And I also love that you focus on movement in this message. Regarding weight loss goals, there is a lot of evidence that weight is not an accurate measure of health – that people can be fit and fat.I think what is most important is access to wellness care and healthy food and finding movement that you love and can incorporate into your day. I’m a dancer, a walker and a yoga practitioner and I feel so much better when I am doing them regularly. The energy infusion I get really helps me have the focus and resources I need to do my job too.


, Personal fitness is a gift you give yuosrelf, but also to those who love you. My partner, Jeff, and I run together when we can, so running has become a family affair for us as well. I've already started working on my 2012 goal to run a full marathon. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll head up to DC next year for the MCM. And yes, the journey is amazing, and the finish line is a thing of beauty.

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Me and this article, stiitng in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

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