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February 08, 2012


Jaunita Bandy

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The majority of Americans believe the 1% also fly on private jets (60 percent), have two or more homes (73 percent) have luxury seats for entertainment and sporting events (63 percent), take overseas vacations annually (67 percent) and fly first class (63 percent).

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One is that there are only a limited number of Facebooks and Zyngas around – his formula requires him to find high-growth companies that are heading for multi-billion dollar IPOs yet want time.

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Queenie Bock

it's clear many Americans have a love/hate relationship with wealth and those who have it

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The majority (52 percent) of Americans believes.

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Evelyne Hitt

Americans are very wrong about just who makes up the 1%.


Tom Galvin, 463's CEO. "At a time of economic uncertainty and upheaval, it's clear many Americans have a love/hate relationship with wealth and those who have it."

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