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October 21, 2011



Hi Dave, Having no car at all is sooo much better than even an eltrceic car. Unbeknownst to most, the residents of densely populated city like New York City have a smaller carbon footprint than other places in the United States because you use public transportation, live in smaller homes and you walk alot. Good for you!


Uncle BoApril 6, 2010 So far the LEAF seems to be all talk. Who knows exactly what the car will do and how much it will cost. Seems more like Nissan is trniyg to steal some of GM's thunder and by your post here, its working.The LEAF's guessitmate range is 100 miles but we'll see what it does real world when the car actually exists. Plugging it in take an alleged 16 hours to charge on 110V, 8 hours on 220V but owners will need a 220V circuit installed in their parking area. Good luck with that in the big city.The charging infrastructure is so limited, there are only a few cities in the US you can drive and charge the car. Unless you live in Seattle or San Diego, you simply will not have a public charging option.As for release date, a more practical roll out will be 2012. Maybe a few LEAF's will be available in late 2010 but that's it.The Volt can be driven absolutely anywhere at any time by anyone. No need for special charging connectors. The gas engine charges the batteries and powers the electric motors. It has a far broader appeal than the LEAF or any other electric car and will have for the near future.Personally, I'm waiting on hydrogen fuel cells. No gas, no emissions, no power plugs, no range issues, just fill it with hydrogen and go.


Non-contact testers are great for sonmeoe not accustomed to working around live wires. I have found a multimeter is great however when troubleshooting many household appliances since the power can be disconnected and the Ohms setting can be used to provide a continuity check of components without the potential danger of line voltage.


Turn Off the Radio ?!? Why??? Doesn't the BT connection aumatogicly mute the radio? And what about the Mute , or the Pause button (it does a 20 minute buffer to a HDD, right?) so hitting the Power button seemed kind of strange thing to do to answer the cell phone.


hi good pm. i have a problem with my bb bold 9000. it ran out of baretty and i wasn't able to charge it for like 2 days. this morning i plugged it in my wall charger. it just gave me a red blinking light. and up to now, (7:30pm) it won't open. what do you think i should do? help

Mireya Lombardi

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This product was exlcaty what we needed for charging the batteries accociated with the drill equipemnt. The company we purchase the charger from sent it out right away and it was recieved in new condition. Works excellent for charging the bateries. I do highly recommend this product and the company that sold it to us. Jesus is always the answer!!!


Gasoline Cars:Gasoline powered enegnis = 35% efficiency (25% in the 1970s)Refinery production of gasoline = 70 % efficiency (guessing)Overall = 25% efficiency (roughly)Electric Cars:Electric Motors = 90% efficiency (considering the need to do different torques and speeds.)Loss in Battery due to being parked = 90% efficiency (highly variable depending on how much you want to spend to buy and maintain your batteries.)Loss in charging = 95% efficiency (highly variable)loss in grid = 75% efficiency (depends on where you live)Power Station Generator = 95% efficiencyPower Station Turbine = 95% efficiencyPower Station Boiler = 80% efficiencyPower Station Leaks, degassification, and Blowdown = 95% efficiencyHandling coal (as opposed to refining gasoline) = 95% efficiencyEfficiency = (0.95^5)(0.9^2)(0.7)(0.8) = 35% roughlyGoing from 25% to 35% is a 40% savings that could easily be wiped out by some of my assumptions on the type and quality of batteries used, the location on the grid, and the technology being used at the power plant.However, unless you believe:1) Man Made CO2 is the primary source of CO2 in the atmosphere.2) CO2 is the primary cause of Global Warming.3) Global Warming is occuring.4) Global Warming would be a bad thing.this would hardly be a reasonable design consideration. All of the 4 beliefs above are highly controversial. There really are better justifications for electric cars than this nonsense.


My understanding is there is some rediutcon. The electric motor is very efficient at converting the electrical power to the wheels. It would have a lot to do with just how efficient the power plant is in converting the coal BTU's to electrical power, and how much further loss there is in the transmission of the power to the location. There is also losses envolved in the battery charger and any battery storage.I suspect it is a very small rediutcon. Probably get much more effect from simply getting a smaller car that gets very good mileage. The best would be a turbo diesel like they use in Europe. They get 50-60 MPG all the time.


i think most electric cars are front wheel drive, so that's not a pelborm.batteries are, from what i've seen, in the trunk, so you'll have less trunk space, but it would take very deep water to short them out.batteries don't work as well in cold weather, but they won't "stall". what would happen is that your car engine would be working more often, and your gas mileage wouldn't be as good.


why get a crappy chevy volt in place of a geamrn masterpiece? is it some self indulgence to be green? wouldnt it be just a little hypocritical to drive anything less than an expensive gas guzzler?


我在UBUNTU7.04下apt-get安装了bzflag,,但出现了这样的错误:X Error of failed rseqeut: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) Major opcode of failed rseqeut: 134 (XFree86-VidModeExtension) Minor opcode of failed rseqeut: 10 (XF86VidModeSwitchToMode) Value in failed rseqeut: 0xc1 Serial number of failed rseqeut: 144 Current serial number in output stream: 146致使一直不能玩,各位帮我看看这是哪个问题~~


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The Volt is one of the first modern-day electric vehicles. The products that change our lives always cost more at first.

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his dealer told him he’d be getting a deal if he only had to pay a $5,000 up charge.


(Fallon Forbush) When 463 Partner Jim Hock looked into buying his first electric car, he wasn’t expecting to pay more than sticker price.

Kacey Galvez

you and anticipate much more associated with posts such as. Thank you very much.


What a sweet blog!!?! I can't wait to hang out again! Hope to see you soon . Sorry Cassie and I were all over the place at Sarah's wedding .some of our puteircs just screamed: "I'm right here Renee, take my picture!"Hilarious.


You first need to check with your state Attorney General's office to see if you can llgelay operate a bakery out of your home (assuming all other requirements are met). If it is not legal, there is no sense going any further. If it is, ask them what hoops you have to jump through. I would assume you need to get a business license, a zoning variance, a health and safety inspection and install a commercial kitchen.


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That shift made possible the explosive growth of firms such as Google and Facebook, who bought large numbers of cheap servers to power their businesses.

Jay Pond

The Year and the highly coveted recommendation from Consumer Report.

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