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September 22, 2011



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Hay I am not sure, it probably can be done you will have to have a mooch anroud on the web. There has to be someone out there that knows how to do that . sorry I cant help mate.


Hi There about 7.45 through the video it shows you how to do this I f you don't know how to get an image and re size it for a haeder picture ask me and I will make a video to show you how to do this on windows. :ac)


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Mene zanima kako da akatvirim timeline.Napravila sam novi profil, jer cu stari uskoro da izbrisem, i nazalost na novom profilu kada odem na njihovu stranicu, nigde nemam to zeleno dugme Get Timeline. Isti problem ima i moja majka. Raduje me sto ce biti automatski prebaceno, ako je to istina, ali postoji problem da sam nestrpljiva i da zelim da ga akatvirim sada odma A kako kada nemam dugme za aktiviranje?


- Never a dull moment!! Thank you for the emxretely entertaining story .and the laugh. Telling the sleepy cat that he was slacking and wiping him around the counter was my favorite part. I read it out loud to Andy too. Sorry about the mouse, btw. He will be back with all of his friends and family. Time for a mouse trap? They think peanut butter is very tasty!


13 Mar ’12 8:45 am by Greg,I have only one comment: you might not have the faiecnd microphone out there, but at least I can hear you loud and clear! I have watched tutorials in which the presenter (or whatever you call a person who narrates a tutorial) was mumbling or had kids and dogs screaming and barking in the background, which made the tutorial extremely hard to follow. BTW, why can I only see half my comment when I'm typing?


11 Mar ’12 2:54 am by Jordan I like the new design of BlenderNerd. Hopefully there'll be more dowdloans at some point.Greg,I'd like to do a 3D model of you if you'd be willing to let me do it. Drop me a line.


So true, if you can't keep to a consistent sclduehe, readers won't have any reason to visit your blog often and you want to keep it vibrant and healthy.For me, I try to do a post once a week .. just got to make sure to stick to it!Zach


THANK YOU Lady la I loved the birthday party And CHRIS RENE IS so dam HOT WHen I got a pic with him it just made my day thank u so much


More often than not I do not post comments on wesbties, but I would like to say that this post really has forced me to do so! Thank you for your perceptive post.


For the love of God, keep wtriing these articles.


Kadeejia,With so many changes going on with Facebook, your video broke it down very siplmy for everyone to understand how easy it is to change over to the timeline and much easier the boxes make it to read over your page. Thanks for sharing!LoriLori Robertson recently posted..


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Sweet!please, could you show the organization in the list? I'd like to see more coxetnt.Could you also allow opening items in tabs? The list needs to be reloaded after watching one item, making it hard to browse.


Generally I will have had to quote the hours that I would take for a project beorfe I get anywhere near starting it. I like to then plug these hours into my google calendar and try to follow it as best as possible. I have free time slots in my calendar as well so I can finish off anything that went outside of its allotted hours or go get ice cream if I'm up to date


Grade A stuff. I'm unqeusitonalby in your debt.


If you just want a short, what I have to say, go down to the paragraph that strtas with Basically. for a full explanation to my reasoning, just start VhereVI've heard many things: that it's completely randomly picked, that it's who visits your profile most, and even who you interact with the most. I, however, am believing it's a little bit formula-less, if you will. The reason for this is because there are parts that do agree with that and parts that do not. I'm just gonna sort of list why I think each does and does not work.Random: Plus-There are definitely people on my top 10 friends who have no reason to either visit my profile, nor do we communicate at all showing that there is a bit of random involved. Negative- There are people on my 10 friends who have complete reason to visit my profile, AND we communicate regularly, showing not all of the formula relies randomness, and an actual formula somewhere is involved somehow.Who visits the most: Plus- Well, honestly, this might be more of a hope than anything else. Every time I've been in the stage of talking with a girl, they end up popping up on my top 10 friends eventually, and, no, I do not creep on them, so it's not who I visit the most. On top of this though, there are a couple people who do make sense to visit my profile often. People I don't congregate with, but would make sense to visit my profile DO show up, showing that some people could be who visit my profile. Negative- Again, there are people who show up there that make absolute NO sense showing up there if it were to rely completely on who visited my profile the most, showing that some formula is required past just who visits the most.Who you interact with the most: Plus: There are people who I interact with that show up there that don't make complete sense for stalking on my profile, mainly because they are those Facebook people who we post on each other's statuses often, but we very rarely visit each others walls, showing that this is also a very probable reasoning as to how facebook does it. Negative: I don't exactly post on facebook too much, I post my own statuses, and see what's up with everybody else in the world, so when I see the same 14 people switching in and out of my 10 on the left side, I have to know that it can't be just this (I typically post on about 3-4 different people's statuses, so the other 7 don't really make too much sense)Basically, I think that it's a mixture of all three of the most common theories, like 3 are a set random, 4 are who visit your profile the most, and 3 are who you interact with the most, because they all have their strong reasonings, but they all have strong drawbacks as well.


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