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September 28, 2011


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Self-defamation for the sake of coverage is perhaps another title for another post.


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Assuming the entire event was not fabricated, I’d be interested to know the legal action that someone like Mark Davidson could take at this point. Is this libel even though he gave the ghostwriter access to his account? Is there a clause in the contract that states the ghostwriter must not access Davidson’s account after termination? Was Davidson just silly for not changing his password?


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Social networks are excellent places to tell your story and learn what your followers want/need. These companies and individuals miss opportunities to educate and respond when all interaction is “outsourced.”

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Self-defamation with the sake of coverage is perhaps an additional name for an additional post.thanks!

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I have been witness of that and I have worked as a ghost writer and let me tell you that many more more people and companies that you know hire ghost writers, it is better for them, you know time is money and they sure know it!

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