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July 18, 2011



This is great news that demonstrates the power of renewable energy. All told, there will be 8,000 solar panels to generate a "portion of the stadium’s power on game days and all of its electricity the rest of the week."

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Firms using wikis, blogs, internal Facebooks, and other digital media for coordination and collaboration should similarly broaden the purview of their performance reviews.

Anthony Lightfoot

I am also pleased that the 850-space covered carport.

Vincenza Holloman

I am also pleased that the 850-space covered carport will feature 10 charging stations for electric vehicles.


Hello: I taught math at the high scohol level and the college level for many years. I graduated from Math and Physics at U of T. I went through many curriculum changes over the years. One most notably was the New Math in the 60 s. This was a supposed response to the success of the Russian Sputnick. This was soon abandoned. It appears now that the powers that be at Queens Park (Ontario) have come up with another plan to revolutionize math teaching. I admire the stance you are taking. I listened to Rex Murphy today and was impressed with comments made by the Math Professor at the University of Winnipeg. One comment. The basic skills, add, subtract , multipy, divide were mentioned When speaking of the subtraction algorithm, the professor mentioned borrowing. With all due respect, I do wish that the teachers in the lower grades would teach the reverse additive method for subtraction.. With this, borrowing is never necessary. I was taught this method by my grade two teacher many yrars ago and have been forever grateful.. Thanks for your attention John Hudson[Hello John, yes things have gotten "interesting" in Ontario, though helpfully they have retained -- with reduced emphasis -- the standard algorithms. By "reverse additive method" I believe you are referring to a lovely variant on the standard subtraction algorithm in which one adds in one digit of the subtrahend instead of borrowing. It is one of the few widely used genuine variations. While it is easier to use many find it harder to see why this step "works" which may explain why the other is more common -- it's likely a pedagogical thing. But since it is only a minor variant it could easily be taught to capable students alongside the standard algorithm without undue confusion. Another lovely variant for subtraction is tens-complementation, which comes close to the way computers do arithmetic. But explaining that one requires a considerably more advanced concept of place value, which probably excludes it from elementary arithmetic. WISE Math (RC)]


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Learn to be tolerant, which means growth, Xiumu the wood will absorb more of the sun, moon and elegance, while the more mature stretch robust force.


The best convention is that one that makes the plbroem easier to solve. A few scientific calculators and programming languages out there, for instance, employ the , in which all that matters is the left to right sequence of entries, so much so that even the operators themselves come after the numbers they're operating over.The pemdas example provided, 4^2*3/6+1-5 , is easily rendered in RPN as 4 2^3*6/1+5- , but if you wish you can stack the operands first and add the operators later, so that the above can be also validly rendered, say, thus: 5 1 1 6 3 4 2^*//+- . Which, admittedly, looks confusing, but comes useful in certain cases.


You can use other conventions if you like, such as: carry out all oparntioes from right to left with no concern for which operation is which. That would give, for example:a^b*c/d+e-f = a^(b*(c/(d+(e-f))))But, no, nothing interesting that I know of happens when you do this, besides the fact that you confuse other people.


Posted on Hi Amy,If you are ever in Lawrence, we would love for you to stop in to Cupcake Construction Company! CCC is an interactive cupacke bar, which means you get to choose your own cake, filling, frosting and toppings. Prior to opening our retail location in Lawrence, we had been doing free delivery in the KC metro area, along with weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc. Cupcake Construction Company is located at 727 Massachusetts St. We'd love to see you sometime!Have a fantastic day, Amy!Megan Kricsfeld


David,Been a fan for a year or so. Bought your DVD recently. Thanks for all you do.Question: What do you think about an arlitce that covers the basic, most fundamental, camera/gear maintenance that photogs should be performing, and at what frequency? You could cover the specific disciplines, your preferred cleaning/maintenance materials, when to look at sensor cleaning, and when to get your repair shop involved.This could be of great value.That may seem like "duh" but I would really like to see and hear your thoughts and those of other photogs.Take care,Mike


Hi,I have become fimaliar with your Strobist blog after reading a separate website on the topic of Blog Hosting. I Blog myself on filmmaking and television. I just read on a blogging messageboard that since Blogger hosted blogs are a free service owned by Google, Google can remove the service at any time, and our Blogs can be gone forever. I am trying to figure out whether I should just transfer my blog now or just backup all of the posts. Do you backup your blog or use a secondary service?Nicole


Hi ho,I do pop by once awhile, bacsuee I do get alot of infos out of this blog.I saw the "German"-Button and hit it.Well, the result was even more worth then expected.Please do your self a favour, and skip that button.The translation is the most useless ever read.This kills the spirit of the site.Sorry David, but that kills all the effort you made.If you need a hand on translation, let me know.Best regards,and keep writing....Frank


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