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June 28, 2011



1) Organize Sources: Sorting within one catgoery.2) Left Toolbar: Ability to keep all categories expanded.3) Left Toolbar / Organize Sources: More than drag-and-drop in left toolbar to change order > possibly within organize sources4) Missing Pictures: No article should be featured if it has no picture/video. And/or:5) Featured Article: Another look/design for when a featured article has no pic/vid.6) Cover / Digest / Latest / Popular: Pretty but Useless. Make it configurable or at least vanishable'.7) Add Sources: Make the huge balloon-sky prettier / expandable different. Mark as read, in upper/featured area: Not logical. Why tick-mark and nothing happens. Should be similar to usual mark es read below.


Richie,Thanks for the kind words! They're greatly areapcipted! Happy New Year to you as well. My hope is that in 2005 the podcast becomes better with the additional segments that I'm hoping we can do.Thanks again!-KHD


The upgrade that you got is the old one. I ugpraded to that one and did not have any success. A new one will be coming out soon that fixes these problems. I am currently running a beta version of the firmware ( diagnostic firmware') and my TV is working flawlessly with a Comcast Motorola CableCARD.I advise you to wait until the new firmware comes out, and make sure that Toshiba ships it to you. This problem turns out not to be on Comcast's end.


Dave,You're very welcome. It's my plsreuae to help anyone out with CableCARD problems. I definitely know how frustrating it can be to get these issues resolved.The problem is most likely the firmware on your TV. I had the exact same symptoms as you did before the firmware upgrade. I recommend that you first talk to Toshiba and ask them if they would kindly send you a firmware upgrade for your television. Let them know that you are on the Comcast cable system and have heard that others have had problems that were resolved by a firmware update.If the firmware update does not seem to work, give the CableCARD a little time. It can take around 15 minutes to start working sometimes. If that fails, call Comcast and ask them to send a hit to your card, an INT hit is preferable. Your TV should say CableCARD disconnected ' and then eventually go back to the acquiring channel information message.If this does not happen, there is a chance that the hits are not going through. Your best bet in this case is to have a technician visit your house. Make sure that they bring a couple more cards with them.Everything should start working at this point. The most important part of the equation is the firmware. Nothing will work properly without firmware greater than or equal to 1.5.0. It will not make a difference what Comcast does to try to resolve your problem if you have not upgraded the firmware. Comcast had tried every test imaginable in my case.If all else fails, I may be able to help you out some more.


I recieved my updarge' firmware from Toshiba and nothing has changed they can still not figure out why the cablecard will not work. The firmware uploaded the new info and cycle through as it was suppose it but, no change once they installed the cablecard again. Still stuck on only one channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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The generous use of ueltmiind must have cued you in to a problem. It costs something to run a hosting service; and it costs even more to run a good hosting service. And good includes a lot of invisible or semi-invisible stuff – like stuff you never need or know about, until you actually need it – like backups, security filter to stop your site getting hacked, good firewall, anti-spam/anti-spammer measures, etc


Here is a few of my list.1. themed lyoauts, different colors, different icons etc.2. public source statistics to show sources and users which articles/topics/keywords per source are popular3. newspaper mode to show this mornings summary of content as a traditional newspaper4. more ratings options to rate sources, topics, keywords5. recommended sources/topics/keywords6. theming the preview mode7. wiki-mode either api hook to wikipedia where we can make this into an educational/learning tool8. Learn Mode Step by step help find high rated articles on the subject you are looking for.9. Best Of Show the Highest Rated Material each week/monthThat's enough for now good luck.


I can't beievle I've been going for years without knowing that.


I have to agree with richiepresto on at least one area where fleedy is lacking: reading real estate.One of my primary uses for fleedy is keeping up with all of the various webcomics I read. I have a nice, big 24 1080p LCD display on my desktop machine, with plenty of room to make the Firefox window as big as I need but fleedy's max. width makes that of no use at all. And most of the strips I follow end up getting shrunk down to fit inside fleedy's main column. For quite a few of them, I end up having to use Preview to see the comic in a readable form. It's quite frustrating, to be honest.


Apart from the minibar for Safari and Chrome there are two thgnis that would make feedly even better, than it is now:1. Save for later(and recommend) buttons near an item in grid view. Would be extremely useful for image feeds(like ffffound).2. Ability to sort sharing buttons(or at least the ability to show them before the more options arrow). Instapaper, for example, is after the more sharing options arrow, which makes it harder to access than other services.


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