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June 02, 2011


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really technology is developing so fast !!!

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I think the technology we have today help makes working out more bearable. I remember as a kid we were always in shape because we were always playing something. We didn't think about getting in shape. Maybe thats what we need more, to get back into playing sports, I know I have gotten away from it at 53. Who's up for a game of basketball? Well maybe I have to get in shape first to play :)

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These apps sound very interesting. Tempting to include internet service on my cell phone to check them out. Always looking for ways to make the time go by when working out.

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Always looking for ways to make the time go by when working out.

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Watching Tv whilst exercising can't be any worse than listening to music whilst exercising!

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Training and watching TV - two great ways to save time

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