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May 24, 2011


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With new applications coming out daily, it seems as though people have even more ways to become distracted behind the wheel.


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10 years ago the Ralph Mahal was dedicated, so of cosure everyone is waxing poetic about Ralph Engelstad's philanthropy and his generosity on and on and on. No mention of the fact that Engelstad was a Nazi admirer who was fined $1.5 million by the Nevada Gaming Board for hosting not one, but two birthday parties for Adolf Hitler. He even had a portrait commissioned of himself dressed as an SS officer, captioned To Adolf from Ralphie .His poisonous gift has extended the nickname controversy for a costly and damaging 10+ years. He rode roughshod over UND and his charming tactics included sending nasty, threatening letters to UND faculty who expressed opposition to the nickname. Yup, he was a perfectly nice guy just as long as he was getting what he wanted without argument. I hope that when I die, my reputation gets scrubbed so squeaky clean.


That was an absolutley inrdecible story depicting the power of Fatherhood/love. I truly believe that the when man accepts and becomes a father. He is in his true natural state of man . Mr. Benitez in undertsnad exactly how you feel. God bless you and thank you for sharingSincerelyLamar Jr.


Posted on salam kenal Bung Habibie.. kunjungan prtmaea nih ke blog anda.. dan congratz' untuk MP4 playernya.. oia, sempet lihat profile anda di KickAndy beberapa waktu lalu.. akhirnya ketemu juga blog anda.. teuteup semangat Bung.. anda meng-inspirasi begitu banyak orang.. termasuk juga saya.. sekali lagi salam kenal..


Hi Karen :)Nice idea, photographing the air show! Goodness, it has been a long time since I have been to one. I still rebemmer going to see the Blue Angels with my father. It was amazing, but loud! LOL. I like a lot of the shots you have here, but the second to last one got me. For some reason... don't laugh... it reminds me of a shark! LOL. Ok, even I am laughing, but it does. A hammerhead shark. LOL. Neat pics!-Carly

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