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April 20, 2011



What happened to the oil eating microbe solution for oil spills. I thought that was supposed to be the new opil spill cleaning and bioremediation that companies like BP were supposed to implement. Has anyone heard if that is working in this case?

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The effects of the oil spill in the Gulf will be long term, despite all the efforts that are taken... we should do all in our power not to allow things like that to happen.


It was a really one of the worst disaster in the history in that sector the work really tough so many precautions have to be taken while working so past is past now the workers have to take preliminary precautions while they working then these disasters will not occur again and again.


During the crisis, BP’s stock fell dramatically but has since recovered. The company reported fourth quarter profits 30% above those from the prior year


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Now BP is trying to deflect the blame onto another contactor. Wish we didn't need their oil.

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