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April 01, 2011


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we’ve come to the conclusion with the development of the DVR


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Who would have believed it that the patent reform may finally pass. As usual, however, the devil will be in the details; the first-to-file, prior user, and post-grant issues may still prove somewhat thorny.


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When people find themselves troubled, they often turn to something in comfort. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense and they will often do something drastically opposite and turn to something they usually don't do.
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Possibilties in about 30 mins. open hood have someone else start it watch the belt when they do this if no problem then let it warm up to see if it gets quieter. i bet it will.
if it is exhaust leak it will not hurt to drive it for a little while but you will need to get it fixed sooner than later. can cause problems.

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To basically sum it up, expansionists wanted to enlarge the US as much as was logically possible. Imperialists were more concerned with grabbing as much territory in any part of the world that could possibly benefit the US economically and increase its political and diplomatic clout internationally.

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there is really nothing left in the world to invent, so let’s just stop trying

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Freedom isn't given. It is won.

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