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March 07, 2011


ilahi dinle

highlights (for me) included the 75-strong camp jam
(conducted by tony and resulting in monumental moments)
which we filmed and recorded as gifts for each camper
(downloaded onto a USB stick with our cartoon faces)


The University of Warwick has picked up on this there's an MA Public Policy here statring this year. There is not yet an institute dedicated to it but there are many academics in the politics and international studies dept that write on welfare and social policy. Is it not better to have it this way than cordon off those dealing strictly in public policy?


Toyota-hybrid-Camry guy and was ready for a change. Maybe that has to wait a bit.


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And this was just thrown on at the end of the conversation and when asked what it was they said it basically was for paperwork and such. Total BS.


Hey Matt, I just found your blog today, and was happy to see that you found Beyond Good Intentions. I'm interning for Tori at the mnomet; I found her last year while I was in grad school for Sustainable Development at SIT in Vermont and the title of her website really hit me, as I was having a sort of major ideological crisis at the time (the WHAT THE &^%$ ARE WE DOING AND WHY ISN'T ANYTHING WORKING problem). Anyway, I'll be traveling to Madagascar to do some research for future case studies for BGI, mainly focused on the impact of the political crisis on the development sector (I was a Peace Corps volunteer there a couple of years ago ), and I'll be joining the ranks of development bloggers as well; I thought I should connect with you as we seem to have some things in common Sara


Although I was too young to see Hogan's Heroes, I spent many a night skating the Casino and lineistng to OS101, they're still one of my favorite NJ bands. As a young teen I even dressed up as Skip for a Halloween show at the Casino. Would love to hear more from him in the future.


kai Posted on Hey Jo! I'm happy you reached out too! Maybe one day we'll acaltuly meet in person Thanks for your constant support. I'm so glad the story spoke to you. ❤


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