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February 16, 2011


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Watson has and make it a fair fight

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Speech/video recognition is not the point. The point is that Watson can come up with the correct answer in two or three seconds. The impressive thing is not so much that he won in terms of buzzing and dollar amounts, it's that he knew as many or more of the correct answers as the humans did. Not everything is in Watson's favor; when the clue Trebek reads is short, only one or two words, Watson still has to process for a few seconds before coming up with his answer. You could see this last night in the final game when Ken or Brad would already have given their answers before Watson's top three choices appeared on the screen.


What a computer can do better than a human is follow commands and read data. They can't learn for themselves or become self aware.

If they were to become self aware, we might have to prepare for the Terminator scenario.


That really impressed me! still I don't think robots will ever really outrun humans


I agree with upstairs comments,I think the robots to do what depend on humans

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Damn those computers are getting really smart. Soon we would not need to think at all. You will just ask dexter and this is it.

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Damn those computers are getting really smart.

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I can’t agree with you more!

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The reach of IBM’s accomplishments could span from the military to health care to classrooms.

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Very possible, theyalready have to an extent, and they will outlive human which means they will be the dominant species when we are gone and they will reproduce by themselves

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The important thing to remember is that whether it’s Watson, Rutter, or Jennings that wins the final game tonight, the power of the human brain will be behind the victory.

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