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February 11, 2011


Magdalene Bourque

I am inspired by the writing style of author. I will be visiting in future to extend my knowledge.


This has got to be one of the sweetest most lovnig things I have seen.More awareness is great but it seems to be slipping more and more each day.With 5 already on the spectrum and #6 on the way, all I can do is hope and pray she is okay but if not, we have alot of experience under our belts.I hope that they continue to thrive! It shows the love and guidance they have at home and they are way too cute for their own good!

ilahi dinle

(which garnered a standing ovation from everyone),
some fabulous storytelling and big laughs,
and the final night's first-ever performance
by the pat, tony, and adrian trio
and 5 of the double trio (sorry, no markus yet)
blazing through a best-of set of krimson hits.
(if I may abuse the word "hits").


Hedge funds broadly and the value guys in paiuactlrr are piling into the stock, both on the numbers above and I think they are betting on a regime change pop. The risk is the value story has been true for years yet the multiple has continued to drop.It is hard to believe the market puts almost a 50% premium on a dollar of profit from IBM, who are a no-growth financial engineering company.

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Starr Broome

It’s a sweet deal that should encourage those “squatting” on idle or unused spectrum to participate

Chana Majors

This is awesome considering more connectivity and information sharing makes for a smarter America.

Mirta Ferrara

It’s a sweet deal that should encourage those “squatting” on idle or unused spectrum to participate.

lan cable

I think it was a successful day for him, too, to be able to show you how much your bookstore means to him. Thanks for making an impact on this kid's life!

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I am amazed at your ability to distinguish in such excellent way.
It's good you are in your hiding place now,that saves you the effort of running away.

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I think you're kind, fascinating and not all that disordered. I often feel surrounded by gorilla-like people and it's not just boring, it's bruising.


This is awesome considering more connectivity and information sharing makes for a smarter America.


This is awesome considering more connectivity and information sharing makes for a smarter America.


Since launching MOOPLE.NET wiihtn a range of schools we have seen that many of the schools have benefited from adopting a core set of tools around which a culture of self-help can be built wiihtn individual schools.Many of our schools have adopted Google Apps as their core, although a few more are now choosing [email protected] schools can then build a CPD programme around using the core Google or Microsoft tools across the curriculum. By using the ability for staff to create their own widgets and dashboards in MOOPLE.NET they can then use these core tools to create simple, online learning activities for individual lessons or over a longer period of time.Learning the core Google/Microsoft/MOOPLE tools then seems to be giving staff the confidence to start exploring other online tools and integrating them into the MOOPLE Dashboard structures, allowing those staff who are less confident to experiment in private.And since the Microsoft/Google/MOOPLE.NET tools are all free to use the schools have lost nothing.When I did this in my old school we spent 18 months focusing on the core tools but supporting individuals and departments in the use of specific tools that supported their needs. The key was that they had chosen these tools themselves because of an identified need and so it was much easier to support them in the early stages.After an 18 month programme, which involved a lot more than I have written above, we had all the school making use of ICT effectively and because subjects and teachers had taken ownership of their use of ICT they were also engaging in some quite effective assessment of ICT competency.


Sorry if you receive a dapticule comment from me - my first attempt didn't seem to work.I know that this isn't exactly what you were looking for but my first suggestion is to ask your teachers what they want. I know that we are not always aware of what we don't know but when we recently asked our teachers what they have always wanted to know or try with technology we got some great (and very specific) responses. You could try that.Secondly, you could ensure that teachers are familiar with 21st century skills and then share tools that could be used for each. Cheryl Lemke recently shared this short list at a workshop and I find it more manageable:Inventive thinking:- critical thinking- creativity- self-directionCommunity Connections:- collaboration- communication- cultural literacyDigital Learning:- information/ media literacy- digital citizenship- global awarenessMaybe you could focus on one section at a time and some tools that could be used to support it in different subject areas and at a variety of grade-levels.Regardless of how you do it, in my first year as ICT integrator this year, I have learned that teachers need to leave your PD sessions feeling empowered and supported to try something new. To do this, they need to see how the tools could easily be implemented and be of benefit to students. Also, having someone around the first time they try something new to "trouble-shoot" is very comforting to many.


There are many important creritia in selecting a proper tool and vendor for Innovation Pipeline Management:1. Ease of use?2. Complete end-to-end application to collect ideas and turn them into reality. ?3. Maturity of product ?4. Client references (industry specific if possible) ?5. Product roadmap ?6. Experienced innovation pipeline mgmt experts to help rollout ?7. Financials component to determine ROI?8. Commitment and Passion from vendor towards client-specific success Paul Tran ?BrightIdea

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Damn bro, I didn't think you would miss it that much. It's good to hear that you are kicking ass and taknig names. You didn't mention how their ADP skills were, but I'm sure you sweep the floor with them on that too. Don't forget about us out here! Oh and send me a 1lb tub of redvines. Domo!

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