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January 26, 2011


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Obama’s support has struck a pleasant chord with the business and technology communities.


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Outsourcing. Why haven't the American people been able to cneonct the dots and COMPREHEND where our jobs went and why and who is MORE responsible? Obviously the second statement answers the first question. DYLAN, I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW DO WE MAKE THE GLOBAL ECONOMY WORK IN OUR FAVOR FOR A CHANGE? DOUBLE THE TAX CREDITS FOR JOBS CREATED AND KEPT IN THE U. S.? Finally, like Egypt, do Americans have to take to the streets of Wall Street to end the legalized theft going on there? Don't 'they' realize that after 50+ years of prosperity and a little slice of the American dream we will not settle for being the docile poor like India was or Haiti is? What country will 'THEY' move to? +


Let me break it down for you as I see it:1) Heading: APPLE PRETENDS TO INVENT This provides the neesacsry stimulus(mention of Apple and ALL CAPS) to tune our brains to the neesacsry wavelength that will allow us to accept the information to follow.2) Sub-heading: Buttons A single-word nugget of information that speaks volumes (which, coincidentally, can now be altered on the Shuffle itself. See?). If you are not already laughing at the sheer audacity of Apple pretending to invent buttons, you're then helpfully provided with a screen shot 3) Screen shot. Notice the humour(or alleged lack thereof) has now ceased, and we're given the freedom to interpret the image however we like with no further prompting (and, therefore, possible alleged humour pitfalls, the likes of which you brought to the fore).Now, here's where the magic happens:The screenshot contains the word Buttons as an actual heading itself. Notice the other headings Hundred of songs to go and VoiceOver . The former's blurb tells us Apple did indeed invent the Shuffle (perhaps not invent, rather, create) and, possibly, the idea of an MP3 player that clips to your person without any extra fittings. The latter, VoiceOver, can also be attributed to Apple. Granted, Apple may not have invented voice over in the general sense (text-to-speech, perhaps?), but there appears to be no obvious opposition to their having claimed it for their iPod range.Now, you may well be excused for thinking that, sandwiched between to possible Apple inventions, buttons may also have been invented by Apple. Ah , you say, but I am not such a fool as to believe that Apple invented buttons! . Perhaps, but I ask you to try and locate a heading resembling Earphones . Apple did not invent earphones (or maybe they pretended to when the first iPod was released?) and so they do not have their own headed section. In fact, anything Apple is not pretending to have invented is notable by its absence on that list. Orange? No. Pink? No. The play/pause/rw/ff/+/- symbols? No. What about the power and shuffle switches? No.I'd go so far as to say that Apple is pretending' to be marginally more sensible than usual. Perhaps Steve feels we're now ready to just accept that they invented all these things without needing any prompting.4) Post-screen shot explanationThe explanation reminds me of the sort of nonsense Apple comes out with usually. It's similar to the slip of paper that accompanies the Kleeneze catalogue that tells you you can make lots of money if you have the entrepreneurial skills to succeed, but you already know what that entails by the expression on the face of the Kleeneze distributor when he/she comes to collect the catalogue.


JohnnyTruantIt's straie Sig, and straie is rarely actually funny.It's meant to puncture Apple's overinflated sense of hubris and importance. They hold these press junkets to launch new stuff and the internet speaks of nothing else for a week (and I'm adding to that). But they only make plastic and metal gadgets, just like Sony, Msoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Archos, Asus, Nokia etc etc. Steve Jobs is not a god, he's just a canny salesman.

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