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October 07, 2010


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really? It's a term out of the late 80's/early 90's. "Do me a favor" Can't you just see some kid in a member's only jcaekt saying it to his best bud - like he is SO hip? Yeah, that's how I feel now - LAME! (It was also used in "Juno" so now I guess it's become sorta dumb to say) Oh well.


I have been struggling to help not only my chielrdn, but the chielrdn of our neighbors! I have had to go and google the topics in the Math Make Sense textbook because none of us understand what strategy the chielrdn are being taught. I find this whole math program very disturbing. My daughter in Grade 7 was doing her math tonight and when the question asked it's usual, What strategy did you use to solve the problem? , she answered with, I didn't use one, I just did it! I liked that answer.I ended up in engineering because I loved that math was straight forward no exception to the rules unlike English where I struggled because there was no clear cut way to approach it. I was trained in the Mac the Rat days and, because of that experimental reading program, had to be taught at home by my mother so I could learn to read properly. Both of us feel that the math program is another Mac the Rat experiment and will end when the program is pulled because the technique is flawed.My chielrdn do not like math. They are frustrated by the touchy feely questions like, how did you get that answer? what strategy did you use and so on. I have been very actively working against this program. I am so excited to find a place where I can work with a larger group to help our teachers end this program. The frustration I am hearing from the ones that will talk openly about the program is that the program does not build on the concepts being taught but teachs in discreet sections. For young students, we need to continually build on what they have learned and then introduce a new concept and then build on that concept and then introduce another concept but never abandon what has been learned previously. Math has a certain amount of memorization but it also has a solid logical format. I understand that some students don't get that but there are ways to reach those students without introducing this how would you like to solve that question philosophy. Yes, I deal in math everyday of my life. I love math but I am so sad to see so many students walking away from it because they hate the ambiguity. I get that. I would have hated that too.Just let me know what I can do to help. I am ready to put my energy into changing this program! -Hi Kathryn, just a quick note: We're pleased to see joiners like you who want to get involved , and we hope over time to roll out suggestions for action and opportunities to work together. At the moment we're bound up with just getting the site started (we're all full-time professors), so please have patience. In the meantime watch as we develop the site and we'll try to keep everyone up to date on our own activities on behalf of WISE Math. For example, the other night four of us made a presentation to a large local School District, and we felt some real progress happened. There are good folks who are paying attention, and just having such broad support is making a big difference already. Be encouraged. JUMP Math (R. Craigen)


Hi Dorothy,There's an interesting Social Security Death Index roercd for a James Bunch born in Kentucky 21 Oct 1920, died in Fallon, Nevada, Sep 1978. If you try to look him up in the Kentucky Birth Index, you'll find there are no James Bunches listed with that birthdate: The closest Bunch in the index is a Joseph H. Bunch born 23 Oct 1920 in Butler County, Kentucky; the closest JAMES Bunch is James F. Bunch born 21 Feb 1920 in Knox County, Kentucky to Laura Phipps (maiden name). From the locations you mentioned (Butte, Montana and Wallace, Idaho), I'm guessing your James must have been a miner, and if that's the case it wouldn't be at all unusual to find a miner in Nevada. If the James Bunch in Fallon is the James you're looking for, the revised birthdate may be an error, or a deliberate alteration. It might be worth your while to check him out. Good luck in your search!-Mark Bunch


The first name James is on my possible faerths' (biological) side a lot. I saw a George Nelson in your post and as names get held on to a lot I was wondering if you know of a Nelson Bunch b. 1851, married to Rebecca Hembree 8/9/1894; father to James Bunch d. 10/4/1930 and married to Laura Phipps. JB was father to james finley bunch b.2/21/20 in evarts, ky. There's a James Bunch who was married to ellen stamper on 2 /8/1894.in the family somewhere I'm told. Do any of these names ring a bell.? James finley bunch was in butte, Mt. in 1950 and in wallace, idaho in 1951. I m really ruhing here, but hope I made some senser. Thanks


Sorry it took so long to thank you for your reply to the inquiries about James Finley Bunch. I've thhguot about searching out miner Bunches in Nevada but haven't gotten around to it. I keep getting caught up in a circle searching the others who are related to him as best as I can tell.So (nosy question) what kind of Bunch are you and do you have much history on your branch? Hope your personal search is gooing well for you. Thanks again, Dorothy in Idaho


Dr. Champion and students,Thank you for a MARVELOUS Family Math Night. It was such an amzinag experience for our families. We appreciate your time and effort in creating an event which was well loved by all our students. Please forgive the late posting, as life events have taken a toll on my organization and time-management skills. Keep up the great work and we look forward to scheduling a Spring event.


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No matter how you slice it, (unlalenteed, seoetmims impromtu) noise bands just dont make sense in a family pizzaria! I played a show there and it was a horrible time! The band got two free beers (theres 5 of us) for playing and I didnt get paid (as usual in CT) and no one there appreciated it (as usual in CT)! Even the people there to see the show were outside smoking cigarettes the whole time and didn't even say boo to me. I went to 3 shows total and they were all the same. If I was the owner I would get rid of that headache too! Sorry Bobby, we all love you but you need to find an audience and a real place to book shows. The only person making out from these shows doesnt even want you there so think about moving on! I hear there is a bunch of abandoned warehouses you can rent out for $100 or less down the street. Also, someone please use that Reeds center for something besides housing supposedly artsy - definitely rich people. Book less shows, book better bands and get the fuck out!


When I visited the site, I found it to be very usfuel to the understanding ofa0mathematic concepts. This site is verya0engaging for studentsa0to practice the use of number sense as well as solving equations. The timed process is great.a0For teachers ,a0the lesson planninga0would be easy.a0Teachers could have students meet a certain score by so much time, have students write the equations down and solve by hand if needed. By having the students write down the equations, it will hold them accountable to the lesson being completed. The demonstration is very easy as well. Any teacher can walk a student through the process; a teacher will most likely have 100% participation. By using this game,a0teachers could make it an assessment too. Overall, design would be done for you through the website.Students would be engaged and would be applying what they would have already learned through the use of a simple game. The graphics would keep them entertained, focused, and busy. The score count as well as the timed mechanism would want them to compete with those around them for a better score.a0Skill-building would be of the utmost importance, and with this game students will be able to practice even after the lesson.a0


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