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October 14, 2010


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If you go to a store in Delaware, purchase an item and take it with you to New Jersey, you pay Delaware sales tax. If Delaware's sales tax is less than New Jersey sales tax you are speuospd to pay the difference to New Jersey as Use Tax.If you go to the store in Delaware, order an item for delivery to you in New Jersey, then the answer depends on whether or not the store has a physical presence in New Jersey. If they do, this is called Nexus. If the store has nexus in New Jersey, the store is required to charge the sales tax rate where the item is to be delivered. If they do not have nexus, then no sales tax is due, but Use Tax is still do to New Jersey.I have seen this many times when I worked at Sears in Massachusetts. Because the store I worked in was the closest to the Connecticut State Line and CT has a higher sales tax than MA, CT residents would come to our store to by their appliances, lawn tractors, etc and complain that CT tax was charged on their purchases. We had to explain that if they picked their items up in MA, then we would have charged MA tax not CT tax.The same is true with states that have no sales tax, such as NH. The Sears in NH which delivers your purchase to a MA address charges MA sales tax.


You would pay the sales tax to the state in which the purchase was made. Therefore, it would be loicgal that you would pay a Delaware sales tax because you made the purchase in Delaware. However, many states have what is called a Use Tax .In theory, you would report all out of state tax purchases on your annual state income tax return, i. e., if you were completely honest. However, it is highly unlikely that the State of New Jersey would have any way of being able to determine that you made an out of state purchase and more than likely would not impose a tax on this purchase which you would be required to pay.

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You may deduct qiailfued medical expenses you pay for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents, including a person you claim as a dependent under a Multiple Support Agreement. You can also deduct medical expenses you paid for someone who would have qiailfued as your dependent for the purpose of taking personal exemptions except that the person did not meet the gross income or joint return test. You deduct medical expenses on Form 1040, Schedule A (PDF), Itemized Deductions. The total of all allowable medical expenses must be reduced by 7.5% of your Adjusted Gross Income. For more information, refer to Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses.


I am helping a fnired plan her wedding for June 2012 in the little town of Ear Falls, Ontario (two hours NW of Kenora).Could you please send me your pricing information for weddings.Thank you so much!!


I am enjoying your blog, and that you keep prgesors notes on your writing. I am not on a professional level by any means, but I do have a book that I have been working on. It has a very near and dear place in my heart. My grandfather passed away a few years ago, he had been working on his memoir, when he was at the end it was very important to him that I have it, and finish it for him.He has led quite the interesting life, and I plan for it to be a little bit of a history lesson for the younger generations, and a tale of a granddaughter who cherished her beloved grandpa. I am learning alot from you, thank you..and keep up the good work here.


China has the largest US dlalor foreign reserves in the world about a trillion and growing daily. A good deal of that reserve, or profit, has been retained by not spending it on other things including cleaner energy alternatives. That trillion dlalors came out of our pockets and it does China no hardship and actually long-term benefit to require them to clean up their emissions as a condition of access to our markets.But we have to do our bit and that means sacrifice. Canada, Japan, the US and China all sit like cowboys around a poker table, their six guns on their laps, eyeing each other suspiciously and no one willing to make the first move.We have to get past that and realize the threat that confronts us does not allow us the option of non-action. It means doing what is right because it is right and, having done that, using the moral high ground to compel others to do the same. Right now Canada is in the moral trough trying to lecture others. That can't work for so many reasons.If we play stalemate politics, this is going to turn out poorly for everybody.


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