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September 01, 2010



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Wow. All the other comments so far make it seem that women and tgnlcohoey don't mesh. That just isn't true. Maybe it is that most of the readers of this blog are very similar to each other and have a lot in common. But, alas, tgnlcohoey and I have been great friends for years, and all I can say is that the basics of making sure things are plugged in and turned on is a very simple thing that can keep you on the tech guy's good side. Perhaps learn some trouble shooting from him so that when he isn't available, you won't lose too much time.


Ha, this is totally me, I have to call our IT dereptmant at least a few times a week because my PC is not working properly. He's taken to answering his phone with, "What did you break now, Sarah?" I do not believe I would continue to have these problems if they would just give me a Mac!


, don't ever stop dreaming big. If you have a plan and the suroppt, it can be done. Focus though. Pick a major goal; what would mean the most to the district with regards to edtech? And what are 2-3 mini goals that would help accomplish that? One thing that I've spent a lot of time on this year is grant writing. I've secured another year of my position by doing so, all the while bringing in a massive amount of tools and PD. Sadly, money makes most of the decisions. Find the funding. That's the key. Let me know if I can help in any way, #bro.


Nick,You have a great list here already but I think the key will be for these pelpoe to be plugged in with a solid PLN on social media. That is truly the best way to stay on top of what's new and what is working in other schools. Also, I was say that in my experience these tech pelpoe need specific strategies and opportunities to get into classrooms with kids and teachers. That is the best way to see what the needs are and how new tools can best be used. Good luck!


I am currently a spiacel ed teacher with a background in Maths and Sciences. I did my teacher training 25 years ago in elementary education. I have taught grades 1 through 10 and tutored in the prison system. I have been very concerned about Maths education since the beginning. In my graduation year, out of several hundred graduates I was the only elementary combined Maths/Science concentration (the only one for 6 years) and my friend from home (who had a degree in Physics and Astronomy) was the only one with a Maths concentration. Though both of us had university Maths credits, we told we had to take a foundations Math course with other elementary candidates. We were shocked at the number of high school graduates who did not have a basic understanding of the number system, confusion with anything beyond basic algorithms, nor any awareness of logic. These people were mostly interested in reading, nurturing children, or music particularly those who were aiming for the primary grades. Most of them admitted that they disliked or were uncomfortable with Maths. They are teaching today and were to pass on this bias to their students. When I got struggling students in grade 8, the break-down was usually traced back to around grade 3.Working with teens and adults, I discovered a lot of anxiety and reluctance regarding Maths. I had fellows flunk basic operations who could figure out how to cut X amount of pot to make X amount of money in their heads. They had learned Math in school but did not connect it to functional applications in life. Once we made the connection with concrete applications they had no more problem with Maths.I currently have 2 children in middle school with the new system. Both were able to figure out basic math applications at an early age; they are both very confused at this point. Trying to learn too many things at once. Having to use every strategy for every problem is overwhelming, and is confusing them. And despite my credentials, I cannot help them because they have to do it the school way any alternate approach is too much. Apparently Math has changed since the olden days well, yeah, I am still doing stuff the ancient Greeks and Egyptians figured out for me.I think you have isolated the two most urgent concerns. PS You think this curriculum is tough for your kids, try doing it in Braille!

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