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June 10, 2010



“our ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information;” a pattern that hinders linear thinking and sometimes makes it hard to finish tasks.


while interacting with spouses, children, and pets can: A) land you on the couch for a night, and/or B) make your loved ones feel unimportant and overlooked. Who wants to play second best to an iPhone?


Oh I got all excited buaecse I thought you were referring to Football rankings. Actually, in regard to educational rankings I believe that those pubs' reports do carry some weight in securing a position. However, you are correct in that you can get a good education anywhere even at Temple U.


I dont think so. You cant plan your life on a website, cause you can never tell whats going to heappn in the future. If you plan it out it wont heappn exactly the way you want it to. Its better to let things heappn instead of planing stuff out.


COLEGE!Good post. I relate to this one so much that I amslot thought I wrote it (and I didn't even go to Georgia Tech).Incoming freshmen should take heed; this guy did college (c-o-l-l-e-g-e) right (correctly, rather).


yes because just like marc from facboeok he desighned the fACebook and now his the youngest millianare in the world. so yes f u build a perfect website thn yes u can desighn the life u want . ^_^


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All you have to do is contact the maaftncuurer and ask for a store that carries what you want.You can also go to/call local furniture stores that deal with this type of furnishings and ask if they can order in what you want..should not be a problem, and there should not be hardly any mark up as it is not sitting in a showroom. Depending on the furniture store, you might have to pay a downpayment or half before ordering for their own insurance you will take it for sure, but most do not do this..not here anyway.


hy guys .. i'm doing an augmented reliaty project and i'm very confused .. how to put there code to web server ..i had to put all code to web server but they don't work :(may bey you can help me for this problem ..thanks


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