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June 03, 2010


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This is an admirable example of how these situations should be handled

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This is an admirable example of how these situations should be handled

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The more truthful and open you are, the less trouble you can get into. In the world of corporate communications, it is still amazing how often "spin" is interpreted as "lets lie to cover the truth."


John Parent over at Fansided's Motor City Bengals Detroit Tigers site disagrees, and that̵ I can udntrseand his frustration. If the roles were reversed, and Fausto Carmona was robbed of a perfect game, I would be livid. (Of course, all this controversy masks that Carmona made a damn fine start himself). But you simply cannot overreact to this. If you want to use this as a springboard to get instant replay in baseball, be my guest. I'm for anything that improves the accuracy of the game. Instant replay definitely would have fixed this mess. But actually altering the outcome of the game after the fact should only be done in the most important of situations. And I'm sorry, an early June game between the Indians and the Tigers doesn't count as important.


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