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May 26, 2010


Belstaff Coats

So fun article is! I know more from it.


Zappos, Barack Obama, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga, Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan…and the list goes on.

Cheap Cosplay

Don’t stop blogging! It’s nice to read a sane commentary for once.


Zappos, Barack Obama, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga, Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan…and the list goes on.


Hmm, interesting. I have wordneed myself how a schizophrenic could have planned this incident as well as Cho did. Mind you, it wasn't a masterpiece of planning, but it showed more foresight than I would have expected of a schizophrenic. Nevertheless, "paranoid schizophrenic" seemed as plausible a label as any.So I went and looked up both NPD and schizoid disorder in Wikipedia, with the usual caution (caveat utilis Wiki). NPD doesn't quite fit, because there is no hint that Cho every sought the admiration of others. Schizoid disorder doesn't quite fit, either, because Cho was certainly trying to get the attention of others.Perhaps the best diagnosis we'll ever come up with is "crazy, mean SOB."


Wet is wet. It is a myth that our fluids have to be all water. Coke = water = ceffoe when it comes to hydration. They aren't lying. Do you remember (if you don't ask your mom) when you were sick and dehydrated your doctor told your mom to give you flat coke or gingerale that is because it has ELECTROLYTES and it is wet so what is the deception here? I wish people would actually think about things before they hear something probably circulated by the gatorade or bottled water people and run off half cocked. If you want to talk about other additives that is something else. Gatorades and stuff are a racket just add salt and sugar to your juice and you don't need the salt if you aren't working out. Please re-evaluate your beliefs, learn to think for yourself, learn to discriminate fact from fiction. I'm not saying coke is the drink of choice just if you are going to jump on a bandwagon you should know what you are actually talking about.


took u 18 minutes just to come up with that? lol i amuse you? u think ur some kind of rich dude that i have to amuse? plasee this whole fight all u say is idiot come up with something else u piece of shit. go suck your dad's dick only gay ppl would have that in their mind and write about it. ur just a dumbass who take a long time to get good comebacks


well, i doubt that it's as good for you as water. but my husband drikns only diet sodas, everyday, with the exception of when we can't afford it, which isn't very often which means he pretty much ONLY drikns soda and he isn't dead yet. but personally i don't like soda and was raised half my life with a health maniac on the verge of being a vegitarian, that only eats organic foods, and unprocessed products. but yeah- that food industry thing is a killer. they're always trying to find a way to lie using certain words in a way that legally it can't be considered a lie. i think some people in this world are really sick. f coke products. oh not to mention the subliminal advertising. tara


They created and own the dtivrsiey. The only real threat to them was Snapple and they plowed them under.They and Pepsi own almost all the bottled water, juice drinks, sport drinks and kid drinks out their.Look at a bottle of your favorite juice or water and you will most likely see one of their names on it.


With the bases loaded you sturck us out with that answer!


John, that is a great educational video on how to use the sytsem to get affiliate sales. If you have a list within the sytsem then promote products that they would be interested in just as you would with email. This could also be used by businesses to get backend sales which is where the real money is? made.


Everything has bad things in it.But the caiolre count in fruit is low compared to breads, processed and boxed food and fruit has vitamins and good things too.Apples have a chemical in them that helps burn fat.


Nice article. I biveele traditional SEO is losing its value a bit. Onpage and offpage SEO is not that important as it was before. Linkbuilding is ofcourse valuable and a must for high rankings. But SMO (social media optimalisation) is going to be a big part of SEO. Google wants to be called a social search engine and not anymore a search engine. So its important to learn more about social media. This a good article to make others aware of the value of social media. Btw what do you think about the new social media Pinterest? Will this truly be valuable of is it a big hype?


November 12, 2011 at 11:45 amThat’s right, but the share a coke camadpaign is the most innoadvadaadtive use of that new media that I’ve seen. A lot of other camadpaigns hardly cause aa0stir


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