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May 09, 2010


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I'm a huge"Breaking Bad" fan as well. This show should be a poster child for the lengths we Americans are driven to go-to obtain health care (Walter cannot afford chemotherapy-so he has to cook to get cancer treatment) .

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Walter speaks to our humanity-our basic goodness is challenged when we all need to survive, or protect our loved ones. I also love the way you wove the show in with the journey your mom's illness has taken you on. Dark, painful, bittersweet, and absurd. Perhaps the next journey will be an open road headed for the canyons and vistas of the southwest.

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Wow, I loved this! The gentle way that you wove the threads of fatphobia, homophobia and racism into this story about a brunch was both subtle and strong. The way that these ingrained hatreds afflict those we really do want to love -- and who in their own way love us -- puts me in mind of too, too many family gatherings. I'm looking forward to reading more!


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I have two main comments--first, that these arguments seem to me to be "deja vu all over again," meaning that that are pretty much the same (basic) arguments made against a common US currency among the states in our past.

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I love that you are so open and accessible, Joan. And I ESPECIALLY loved getting a hug from you (and being able to scritch Sadie under the chin) the other night. Truly, you represent the new democratization of media, and I love you for that.

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I remember watching the towers falling over and over again in the auditorium at my school as students and teachers left the room to call relatives in the city, many coming back with tears streaming down their faces or not returning at all.

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I remember the burgeoning dread as the day went on, and the stone that seemed to settle permanently in my stomach when my parents called and told me not to let my little brother near the TV before they got home. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 marked the end of my own political innocence.

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Before that day, I thought we were invincible. After that, I didn't. But Bin Laden's death isn't the end of the boogey man for me. The 9/11 attacks may have opened my eyes to the terror the world can hold, but that's not something his death can end.

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Tingin ko ikaw ay kanan kapag sinabi mo ito. Hats off tao, kung ano ang isang ubod ng kaalaman sa paksang ito ... asa upang makita ang karagdagang trabaho ng sa iyo.

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