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May 07, 2010


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i have also read books by Mr. Jonathan Haidt. Specially his book The Happiness Hypothesis. This book is very helpful in understanding the psychology of people and as well as our self. Like in chapter 6 that is Love and attachments, he says that "No one can live happily who has regard to himself alone and transforms everything into a question of his own utility; you must live for your neighbour, if you would live for yourself." How true this is. In my opinion this book is not a mere a self improvement book but a academic book in psychology. Any more chat on this book is welcomed guys.


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“A medium hazelnut,” I say. “Cream with just a touch of sugar.”


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“Rather than automatically retiejcng the men as sexist oppressors and pitying the women, children, and servants as helpless victims, I was able to see a moral world in which families, not individuals, are the basic unit of society, and the members of each extended family (including its servants) are intensely interdependent.”I love how Haidt thinks he is being profound but actually just reverts to the typical liberal belief in the myth of the noble savage. He also sees in it a collectivist aspect which appeals to his socialist sensitivities. It’s all good as long as poor brown people are doing it; more liberal soft racism.This carries over into religion and the war on terror. This is why liberals love denigrating Christianity but can’t bring themselves to condemn Islam.“Democrats should think carefully, therefore, about why they celebrate diversity. If the purpose of diversity programs is to fight racism and discrimination (worthy goals based on fairness concerns), then these goals might be better served by encouraging assimilation and a sense of shared identity.”This guy is just now beginning to understand this concept? This is something conservatives have been saying as long as I can recall.


I'm Chinese and we eat dogs - in fact, I like to ham up the fact that I'm mostly covuirarons and will eat almost any vertebrate-based meat as well as seafood/shellfish.However.A symbol stands for something. No, it is not the thing in and of itself, but it stands for something. That is why diplomats have immunity, and why you receive an ambassador, much less a Head of State, wth a certain degree of pomp - they stand in for the country they represent.You can equally say that a cross is just a bit of gold (or whatever it's made of), but it usually is a symbol of Christianity. Similarly, people get upset when statues are defaced, even though they're just bronze or stone.That is to say, when you cut up a country's flag and use it as a bit of rag, the message you send across is that you're cutting up the values that country stands for - that it's only fit to be used for menial work.Not even the most rabid anti-illegal-immigrant would do that to Mexico's flag, I don't think.

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Thanks also to him, I still mimic his shorthand for “morality” by circling the letter “m.”

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I still mimic his shorthand for “morality” by circling the letter.


Haidt, whose research interests largely focus on morality, was memorable in more ways than one. Being that he was easy on the eyes and ears largely forgave him for wearing the same green tweed jacket every single day of class. Thanks also to him, I still mimic his shorthand for “morality” by circling the letter “m.”

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