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May 08, 2010


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That doesn't mean it isn't a smoking hot issue in tech policy circles.f


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I stared at Grandmother and stopped chewing for a moment.


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well u can upgrade to the lstaet version if u root and download urself apple only have 4 phones thats why they can all upgrade because they are only 4 phones its much easyer to control but every phone can upgrade to android 2.3 if they root it. im not saying iphone suck cuz they dont but u can kinda compare this to a console vs pc. console never gets new hardware until the next console is out while pc gets new hardware all the time (console being iphone and pc being htc)


BUT in reality, iOS still have more apps that will work with any inophe model, even an iPad or ipod Touch. With android, apps are not guaranteed to work with your phone because of TOO MANY variations. Calling a superior market leading phone to be weak is a fantasy. Plus, with some Android phone, there is no chance of upgrading to the next version of Android, they are stuck in that version until they buy another one. Android phones get obsolete as soon as they are released.


And with an iPhone, you have the ability to updarge to the next version until your iphone is no longer capable. With the upcoming iOS 5, iPhone 3G is no longer capable of handling the new software, therefore it will not be upgradable to iOS 5. BUT thats a 4 years life, in terms of hardware/software until it is finally no longer supported.WHY does some latest android phone CANNOT updarge to the next version of Android even though they are capable? Therefore, Android is Weak


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I am afraid we will be down one major news network in the next five years.


With Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer, the trio of network news, essentially covering the same five stories night after night, viewers are getting tired of picking based on personality alone. But, at least, all of the network personalities are generally likeable.


I think a CNN-CBS partnership hints at another trend in broadcast news – consolidation.

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