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May 11, 2010


Account Deleted

Computer Technology and its Early Impact on American Society

Computers, perhaps, are the most important innovation in the history of the world
to date. Without modern computers today, the world would not be able to function in the
manner of which people today are accustomed. Americans take for granted their ability to
go to a machine to withdraw cash, scan large amounts of groceries through a barcode
scanner, or type a report on a word processor. It is computers that make these tasks,
which most Americans take for granted, possible

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A very interesting portrait for such an important man to our history.

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I agree. I like his brother Paul. They are not alike.


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Thanks John for adding my blog to your list, it's an honor. My frnied and I met you at the San Francisco Wondercon and since then we've been following your blog, in search for inspiration. Your artwork is very inspirational and you are a wonderful person. Your Bits and Pieces sketchbook and Patrick Morgan's Sketchbook are among my most precious possesions. It was a pleasure meeting you in San Francisco and I'm looking forward to meeting you again, hopefully at the San Diego ComicCon. My wife bought Patrick morgan's Whaleboy shirt and she can't wait to buy the Whaleboy toy.Cheers!


Thanks for posting me on your blog. I never would've reilzaed that the online community of artists here were so supportive. I definately feel that this is a very solid step in rising as an artist. Thanks.


I photographed various pages from the notebooks, projected the images onto the frame, and incised Herman's scribbled notations and equations into the surface with an engraving tool before finishing the whole gold leaf."


Herman's scribbled notations and equations into the surface with an engraving tool before finishing the whole gold leaf."

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