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April 08, 2010


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Thank you for keeping us up to date in this issue.

Techno Music

Man this stuff makes me so angry. We are on the edge of an amazing technological future that is made possible by true freedom and flow of information but yet again the blindness of the entrenched old system capital will not let the world progress. This isn't just backward thinking its actually anti entrepreneurial.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


I read a lot of reviews of the expo disc and deidced to give it a try. It is so easy to use and the results are sooooo much better than auto white balance. Like anything else in this world, it is only a tool; it doesn't do miracles. But, when it is used correctly, it helps make your photos look fantastic. Initially, I hated having to pay $100 dollars for it. I thought, What a rip-off for such a little lens But, after I saw the results I quickly realized how valuable it is to me. Once you get accurate colors, you'll never want to go back to auto and presets again!!! Imagine being able to shoot jpgs that have correct color. I hate shooting Raw because the file sizes are huge and there is always the extra step of converting them to a format that anyone can view. When I use the expo disc I can get the color right the first time and not have to sit in front of a computer tweaking the color of thousands of photos! Even if you like to shoot Raw, it still saves you time because you won't have to edit the white balance on every photo taken indoors.This is a lot more convenient than using a gray card and it is more accurate.


Hey Denise,Hope all is well. We went through the SFU IAT parorgm together. I just found your blog. Interesting idea! Stick people! Very cool.


cat is officially out of the bag for the Motorola XOOM WiFi edtioin. We knew that sooner or later Motorola would bring this state-side, especially knowing that people haven't been too pleased to pay $800 for a tablet. Well now


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