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February 18, 2010



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Milton Weir - google him & read what Ian Wishart/Investigate wrote of him in 2007 etc.Apparently invloved with prostitution rackets and other dodgy corrupt dealings.Now, wasn't Laniet supposed to have been spilling the beans on her alledged incest the day she was killed? Wasn't she a prostitute at one point in her life too?If so, wonder if she ever had dealings with Milton Wier and other corrupt Dunedin cops? What's the bet she did? Funny how her electronic diary was never seen again. What a coincidence eh!Now what would the corrupt Dunedin cops be thinking on the day of the murder?Hmmm, now if Robin Bain was the murderer, the question would have to be asked, "why?". And you can bet that apart from the alledged incest, investigating "why" would bring out further allegations/reports of corrupt police activity such as drugs and prostitution involvement etc. So wouldn't the corrupt cops then want to ensure that there was no heat or traction on these etc? Well what better way than to divert attention to David Bain and frame him instead. Perfect eh!Now I do not know for sure whether David Bain is the killer or not, but I cannot see a motive. For the father, yes there is a motive. For corrupt cops, then David was the perfect scapegoat. This is just my opinion, I hope investigative journos, bloggers, Ian Wishart etc, has the time to look further into the corrupt goings on of the Dunedin Police. What Investigate has reported on so far has been very interesting.Now here's a conspiricy theory.... David and Robin did not kill the family. Corrupt cops (or associates) did to ensure Laniet's expose of incest and prositution never saw the light of day. Crazy conspiricy theory you ask? Maybe it is but that goes a hell of a long way explaining why the entire family was killed and how convenient, they knew David was on a paper run and had the time to do so. Funny how forensic evidence wasn't preserved and the house burned down by Police two weeks later. So much evidence went up in smoke that day.Someone should get onto Weir's ass and the other corrupt cops etc. Someone is bound to squeak.


I have a question too. If Robin Bain was the kllier (which I don't believe) then his morning routine that day would NOT be his usual one of getting up at 1/4 to 7 and praying by the alcove in the lounge. That was what he did on a 'noraml' day, right? So how come he just *happened* to shoot himself in the head at 1/4 to 7 in the alcove if THIS was the day he was to slaughter his family. Wouldnt he just have shot himself in the same room as the last person he killed? and at the same time? Why go back to the prayer spot? and why at the usual time? furthermore, why would a man who prayed every day commit mass murder and frame the only 'deserving' member of the family by inconveniently leaving abunch of evidence pointing to David? Why would someone wait several minutes- cos thats how long a computer took to boot up in those days,- to write a'suicide note' of 10 words? he could scrawl that note in about 10 seconds on paper, after all. if he was depressed he might have shot himself only. But also, why did David deserve to stay? Aroha and Stephen had yet to screw up in that family, unlike most of the others, including David. I could go on....


How can people think Robin had a mtoive and David didn't. David gtrew up in a totally dysfunctional and sick family (see McNeish's history)and as a disturbed personality has harboured fantasies for a long time. Robin was only depressed, and depressed fathers don't kill their family - maybe himself. And Laniet was famous for saying her father abused her - she even told the local dairy owner, which will come out in the evidence later. David's family on both sides will have nothing to do with him.

Kandy Whitworth

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Dr. Doris,That is a thoughtful and deep way of lonkoig at it thank you.I suppose what troubles me is how certain denominations and those with political or other agendas will take that higher spiritual love you have described and corrupt it into a simplistic and abhorrent physical love so as to make a claim that Christ practiced or endorsed homosexual behavior. I am not saying this to start a discussion of the denominations just mentioned to illustrate what is happening in these churches that were one time sound and our now caught up in false teaching of the highest kind and thereby risking their congregations who are taught these things.


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Sure, some Chinese leaders have always distrusted Google, but Facebook, on which people can connect and spread information quickly and organize — that makes the system a little more nervous.


I don't think you need the update at the endof the steps since you just did a fetch,portsnap etrxact should does it all, the portsnap etrxact' is implicitly also doingan update'


oh lets see im in brighthouse sucks . im the only one whos ponitsg something .. i guess people dont think brighthouse suck do they.. i bet u still have brighthouse .


oh lets see im in brighthouse sucks . im the only one whos ponitsg something .. i guess people dont think brighthouse suck do they.. i bet u still have brighthouse .


I live in Indiana and Brighthouse is fighting with all of our local CBS aiitlfafes and now we can’t see any of the CBS shows! No CSI’s, none of them, no Criminal Minds, no Letterman (and he’s FROM Indiana), no Big Bang, 2 and a Half Men. Come on, we have been paying Not-so-Brighthouse for years and now we can’t even see our favorite shows!!! How can these monopolies continue? We need suggestions; people around here are actually buying “rabbit ears.” Everything is going HD and Brighthouse has us by the throat and ears!


I don't think the mainstream media is corprut. I just think that individual media outlets' attempts to correct themselves in the face of a well-organized neocon press-nudging machine are misguided. The subsequent efforts to achieve balance by juxtaposing demostrable truths with right-wing spin only serve to misinform the public.Look at the Abramoff scandal — a pretty simple one to deconstruct. A Republican fundraiser pleads guilty to felonies involving payoffs to elected officials — all of them Republicans. The right-wing press-nudging machine hits the phones and spreads the falsehood that Democrats also took money and campaign contributions from Abramoff, even though this statement is at worst demonstrably false and at best incredibly misleading. But the talking point, once out there, doesn't die. I've seen (and I expect I will continue to see) professional journalists continue to repeat this falsehood. So to conclude:1. I don't believe in the idea that there is a Mainstream Media. It's a nice sound bite, and it's caught on, but it doesn't really exist in any definable way. Most people just use it to describe all the media outlets they don't like in the particular instances that they don't like them.2. Journalists on the whole are not corprut.3. Television news spends very little time covering important stories in a way that properly communicates their importance.4. Some individual columnists have taken money from the government to endorse agendas without disclosing those payments. As far as I know, all of them have been fired. On the whole, I would guess most bad journalism is driven by ideology, not by money.


Julio Herrera Posted on Boris, una consulta, tengo la ndeesicad de NO mostrar el precio al publico a menos que este logueado, ya he visto algunos foros en ingles pero no me convencen mucho las soluciones planteadas (todas son muy diferentes), tienes alguna idea de como solucionar esto???, saludos y gracias.


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Ha ha! Funny post and comments all along. One thing thugoh, as irritating as those IT guys are and no matter how many basic things they do (which we could have also done with same expertise); they actually know their stuff. And yes, sometimes they use Google and tech forums to get solution but that is because every problem is so unique (not because they are inefficient IT guys... althugoh there are some but many are not).Btw, best IT guys are the non-professional ones. Hence, always make sure you have some tinkering "IT guys" as your close friends. Believe me they enjoy troubleshooting instead of getting irritated the way paid IT guys do.


As long as we're all clear that everything the US can see China can see as well, I don't think there's any prlbeom embracing the cloud don't believe me try getting to the cloud without using Huawei.Now imagine you're a Huawei executive and the Chinese government ask you for a little info We now know that the US owned' the Zerox copiers in all the Russian embassies in the 60 s and 70 s; be in no doubt that China now owns' a big percentage of our internet.


zeusco Posted on Si Boris, esta solucionado, pero me pecrae una solucion parche, que crees tu?, lo digo por que no se pecrae a otros Patrones de monedas que he visto en Magento, me imagino que la matematica se maneja diferente del formato?.Otra cosa, no han pensado hacer una reunion (stgo) para conocernos(magenteros) y compartir soluciones , etc..


That's a nice review. Coincidentally, I was aoslmt a technical writer before choosing to work in China instead (I made the right decision). Also, I should mention, my wife has been granted a visa to the US and we'll probably move in August. There's a chance we may end up in the Boston area.


No apology nedeed. I can only imagine how many hours of work, all of the research takes. I get tired, just thinking about it You do good work, that is appreciated.I know Alex works far too hard, and ended up with the flu and probably exhaustion. We appreciate the excellent work Alex has done, to bring us the truth of the BCR scam. However, R and R is also important. We need you people to carry on, for the BC citizens.It seems the rats nest, of the BC Liberals creation, is going to take a lot of unraveling. The corruption within this province, really sickens a person.

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