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February 26, 2010



I think you should do it yourself! Otherwise it's cheating. I really hope no one does this for you!

Josh Birger

I don't think the case of the IOC going after Uvex for their support of Lindsey Vonn was a case of confusion of any policy besides perhaps the IOC being confused on the limits that trademark law affords. To me this was a case of the IOC clearly abusing trademark law. The IOC has been very aggressive in pursuing takedowns through abuse of trademark law and did the same thing to Verizon and Red Bull for Tweets in support of the Olympic athletes.

See the WSJ article here:


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winter Olympic is gone, but the Social Media Olympics will never end.

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I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

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it's just another fancy party for the rich and the powerful.

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I totally missed the fact the olympians were tweeting!


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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


Lindsey Vonn's sponsors for a note of congratulations to the skiier on their web site, as they weren't an official Olympic sponsor.

Kimberli Turley

The skiier on their web site, as they weren't an official Olympic sponsor.


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You bring up another good point that has been on my mind too how many dceendpneies is too many? Because some class has to be responsible for the overall composition: who calls who to do what. IoC helps remove some of the worries about how you resolve and load those dceendpneies but it does not solve the problem of how you structure the app overall. Even if you refactor to smaller classes (which I totally am in favor of) someone still has to know to compose all those smaller classes to get work done. So perhaps you use smaller classes with fewer constructor dceendpneies then you have a few dirty classes that know who to call?From a guy who works with the VS team I thought you'd have this all figured out?


Surely they can and that is something I sulhod dig into because I'm pretty big on letting containers do the work. I guess the counter to that is you probably sulhodn't rely on that behavior 100% of the time because what if it changes.One thing that Uncle Bob pointed out in his article, is to keep those details out of your app. It is pretty rare that I make container calls directly from my classes and if I do it is through some type of factory abstraction.The testing inconvenience can be painful, but using something like Moq you can setup just the pieces you need for the test to run. Good comments, now I'm thinking I sulhod update the post.


The Germans have it right. Flags are for buring not for wainvg. Whenever you see the flags come out, some serious plot is afoot to deceive or brainwash the little people. Nationalism is not only lame, it is a gateway to racism and the violent suppression of minorities. Anyone seen a video of a Nuremburg rally? See how important national symbols were then?


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