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February 17, 2010


David Souther

Erm.... what? Did you even read what you wrote?

How does "35% of people do not use Internet anywhere" turn into "Only a third of Americans [use Internet]"?

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I think its cost is the main reason behind their not using the net. Govt. must lower its cost to make it affordable for common people.


No its not true nowadays time is so fast I think in America net cost is so costly but America is developed country and there every person use the Net.

Jeff Alexander

As David points out, it looks like you misread the statistics. Another good dose of data comes from John Horrigan at the FCC:


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I'm guessing you're getting these numbers by not counting AOL as real internet.

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I think its cost is the main reason behind their not using the net. Govt. must lower its cost to make it affordable for common people.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


Posted on Thanks guys. For some reason I just got the e-mail on these cemmonts so Sawyer, I hope you did play it for your wife on V-Day and I hope it accomplished whatever your goals were at the time.


Dunno what going dark means, but I am hoping it means you have just scerod some big investors and are going to relaunch for iPad with all kinds of amazing screenshots and hoopla, so that you finally get your due amongst the Pulse and Flipboard and Zite crowd. And why did Fast Company completely leave you out of that news aggregator mix anyway?!Chris


More specifically the report found that 30% of American households do not use the Internet and 35% of people do not use the Internet anywhere.


Thank you Robert for your comment.The value I see in Tetrad is to bring dieffrent concepts (4 Laws) together into a Gestalt. I suppose one can over think these, but don't believe that there is only one answer. Each brings their own insights and thoughts into the process.I did not write up (push) the other Tetrad's because I wanted to encourage comment and discussion. To me the surprising discovery was that Facebook and Twitter are very dieffrent media though they are based upon the same over all platform, the Internet. With Twitter one is creating a persona, an image of themselves for presentation to the world by the news and insights one wants to present and the articles and concepts they chose to share. The Eloi from the Time Machine were devoid of personality or persona. The fact that Justin Bieber takes up 14% of Twitter bandwidth or Britney Spears and Madonna in Search and Video before him is maybe an indication of this. However I can see other aspects to Facebook and Twitter that could be developed in the Tetrad. For example forming and applying networks that could be explored providing a very dieffrent view. Perhaps more thought should be brought to this.Thanks again for your comment. I encourage you and everyone to continue the discussion.


Sean,Great question. Certainly a site like that would have dlsaipy a lot of the creativity that God has given us (Reflection). On the Redemptive side of things, you're right to point out that different people might perceive things differently and its effectiveness would be hard to pull off. I can't really think of any Rebellious things that you could do with a site like that beyond what you mentioned with spam. Then on the Restoration side, the unintended consequences that make us long for Jesus' return could be that using websites and twitter for prayer could make prayer time more distracting and less focused.From a purely practical standpoint, it seems like prayer management is sort of like task management in that different people find different organization schemes more or less helpful. So if you see a niche our there that isn't covered, it might be helpful to build it.PS. It's fun to see you're using BlogEngine.NET. I am a member of that open source team :)


414John,I am another one that has not heard of McLuhan befroe, but I found this post very interesting. These are important questions to ask.As a pastor who is passionate about the use of technology, I can confess that I find it tempting to get lost in the technology itself and lose sight of the fact that it is means to an end not an end in itself. These types of questions provoke honest conversations about what we are doing and why we are doing it. Everything was nice and wonderful until we get to question #4 and then BOOM we see the negative side of technology. The potential drawbacks are real, but I don't think it should stop us from using the technology any more than the potential to hit my thumb should stop me from using a hammer. But we need to be proactive in dealing with the risks, putting structures and relationships in place to pre-emptively deal with these drawbacks.Thanks for this insightful post. You are now in my Google Reader!


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