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December 16, 2009


Toronto Party

If you have unlimited resources as an American you have the best health care in the world. If you are an ordinary citizen you simply don't. Even the average health care plan generally does not cover the basics like European systems do.

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William Brown

They should choose a job because of the job and whether their skills match, not because of health care.


And have you noticed recently that health insurance premiums have been jacked up again prior to potential reform? Let's face it -- health care is a broken market.

Bobbye Mccorkle

The reality is that they should choose a job because of the job and whether their skills matc

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Congratulations R.A.! You and Wright are the kind of players I want my kids to emulate. When I have kids… Thank you for sharing your journey in life and being a true role model and great athlete. Hope to see you in a Met uniform for years to come!

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