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December 16, 2009


Gary Shapiro

Great points - except it is all financed with $300 billion annually in Medicare cuts. No one knows where it is coming from - and candid Hill Ds and Rs acknowledge they will simply put it back in to the budget after the bill passes.

So tell me why an an additional $300b annual deficit is good for innovation?

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health care cost increases of up to 20% annually. Not many other inputs to our bottom line have that volatility. And have you noticed recently that health insurance premiums have been jacked

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it is coming from - and candid Hill Ds and Rs acknowledge they will simply put it back in to the budget after the bill passes.


It is really a good poin! If a company wants its emplyees to bend down their every effort, they should creat an health problem-free environment.

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I agree with your point. I think most of workers just concern the salary and their skiil whether fit for the job but skip the health care when they search a job. "Money is rice." If both of them are available, they will consider the health care.

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health care is very important so we have to look for the best way to improve it

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1.5 million people stay in jobs they don't like or want because they are afraid to lose their benefits.

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health care cost increases of up to 20% annually. Not many other inputs to our bottom line have that volatility

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Some voted him to be the first black president and others voted for him out of emotion. They felt that they were tired of Bush and the Republicans so he gave them hope. He basically fed them what the people wanted to hear.


I think the defeat to Dutchman, at this World Cup they deserved the victory more than others. I, though not an octopus, but predict a goal Sneijder.


At first I wanted to root for the Dutch, but after the first of their rudeness - the impact on the legs, they are still pretty and I was rooting for the Spaniards. Both teams showed rudeness, but hit in the chest Spaniard boots with studs - at all in any gate.

It seems that the Dutch, their coach, deliberately placed a bet on the super-tough game, like a little intimidated the Spaniards, to break their will

Is not it the judges to provide at least what some cell phone with a large screen so they could watch replays directly to the field and make decisions more objectively, and without wasting time?

Forlan - the best football player - announced
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First of all health care is a provincial responsibility so it depends on the rules of her province. In Ontario she has to reside in ON for at least half the year to be covered by the ON health plan.

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However, you should know that Al Gore and others attached to the warming industry are making tens of millions of dollars by investing in companies trading in new technologies. There is big money in play here, as governments are paying billions to clean up dirty industries. T. Boone Pickens has invested big money in wind energy.

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I work in Healthcare, 1) What is the patients diagnosis? 2) Does the patient have a healthcare proxy? 3) What is the patients health insurance? I hope those few help you.

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If you have unlimited resources as an American you have the best health care in the world. If you are an ordinary citizen you simply don't. Even the average health care plan generally does not cover the basics like European systems do.

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My aged mom and dad go to doctors constantly and their doctors charge the government a fortune for every visit ($600 for the dermatologist to touch a liquid-nitrogen-emersed Q-tip to a spot of skin cancer on my mom's back...)

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The "socialized" (please use in quotation marks) perspective is that users of health care are the community as a whole; thus, 'just' is defined as minimizing the losing individuals.

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while the Buddha is the children who did not eat fish, but because it was a smile,

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which is the eternal truth Therefore, the Buddha can not stop the Second World War, the Buddha can not stop the war in the Middle East

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the Buddha can not stop the tsunami in Indonesia, the Buddha can not stop the Wenchuan earthquake as they are all living beings

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self-inflicted retribution, this is the sense of total industry! But there were other industry sector,

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