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October 27, 2009



08.05.11 at 2:53 pmcuzzzI reemmber as kids me and brian russell were neighbors and used to play at his house because he had the bomb backyard. We'd be there everyday and everyday he would start crying over the smallest things. We'd make fun of him just joking around and he'd start crying and go inside and tell his parent's then we'd get in trouble for it. Mind you we were about 12 or 13 at the time, yet he'd cry like a 5 year old! Fun times! How did he make the NFL?


Consider it done. I have 3 email addresses & will use them all. Up 'til now, I've just been a lkerur, looking forward to your posts but not making the effort to comment. But this is very important, both to you and your future child, and I'm happy to do anything I can to help. Good luck & best wishes to you!Kim


Comment left! Also, where were the photos that are on the Six Seeds page taken? My hunabsd and I are new to Alabama (I'm a student at Auburn) and I'd love to get pictures of him and I taken, ones with a rustic charm. We had to rush our engagement and wedding to accomodate a family of military men and military deployment schedules so we never got to do the engagement photos until now.


I have been lucky enough to taste test the stntueds food for ProStart and watch Aaron and his classmates excell at what they do. What a great story!!


Just left a message for you. I don't know what we would do wiotuht our fantastic great nephews, Matthew and Andrew, a wonderful church firiend Katelyn and one of my best friends, Val. All are adopted and helped complete their families. Just let us know what we can do to help even babysitting!


11.02.09 at 1:14 pmjagsticketholderBrian Russell is kiinllg my team, and is always the best player on the opposite team's offense when he is on the field. This guy gets blasted worse than those paper banners cheerleaders hold for high school teams to run through. I am gonna hang out after the game next week and try to pay him to try to tackle me so I can make one of those gifs of me running him over.


11.02.09 at 10:27 pmKevinJaguars have always been a run densfee team. This play pissed me off so bad yesterday. Brian Russell ruined that game for the Jaguars. Tho Reggie Nelson should NEVER have been playing CORNER when he is a SAFETY (if u even want to call him that.) Reggie misses a tackle at the line of scrimmage then Russell gets knocked out like a B1tch.


Gold is a hedge against the doallr, a safe haven. It could still be worth more if currency goes down whereas you cannot technically sell real estate for gold therefore as money value goes down so could your property value. And i hear people talking about a gold bubble all the time.


08.11.11 at 2:51 pmSoulFunkJesusOnly REAL fans watch pre-season games. Seriously. Most people won't know who the fuck is on the field after the first coulpe of series. Who's that guy? WHO'S that? What kind of play is that? Funny shit. Its about player evaluation, especially this year, the rook's are gonna be flying all over the place to try to make the squad.


Lmao, in this video, right after tony robbins weakld back on stage after the funny music, i was sitting in the second row, i jumped up in the front row, tony came right in front of me and as soon as i lifted my hands to give him a high five, he had already turned his head to look the other way. As eager as I was, i went to shake his hand and my hand bounced right off of his lmao i was like noooooooo Coash coem back, I wana shake your hand!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure about how long it takes for sugars/fats in the body to burn. But I do know that if you're ecrixiseng in the morning, you're not burning off the calories prior to exercise because it's been sitting in your body for a long period of time already. It's more effective in the evening/after dinner when your digestive system is a little quicker because of the calories you have put in your body and metabolism.


11.02.09 at 10:19 amBubby Brister's MopI'm shocked he's not a meebmr of the Patriots. If there's anything the Boston sports fan loves, it's comically unathletic white guys taking jobs away from the dahkies. Why, their basketball and baseball teams practically invented this process. Once again, their football team lags behind.


11.02.09 at 10:44 amOrton hears an OotGruden: You gotta admire Russells grit and detimrenation. He slows up Chris Johnson, AN OUTSTANDING NFL player, all by himself. Tirico:Gruden: SOMEONE from the Jag's HAS to be there to support Russell. I tell ya, that Russell has some grit, and Chris Johnson IS A PLAYER.


We need more inishgts like this in this thread.


Want smart education?Then empewor kids to learn how to be entrepreneurs early on in life. Schools should teach the subject, after all these kids are either going to work for a company (profit or non profit) or create their own path by owning businesses. Let's really teach them real life lessons. Why do we still have to follow the industrial age style of education while we are in digital, service- oriented age?


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What do you think of my story? Homework?Monday. The first day of the week, nobody likes them ulnses they’re in the holidays. Unfortunately today wasn’t a holiday. After twenty precious minutes of snoozing, I got out of bed and made my way down stairs. It was 7:30. Great, I was already late for work. I grabbed yesterdays jeans from the wash basket and threw on my favourite red top, I guess I looked acceptable. As I waded into the kitchen the aroma of black coffee wafted around. Black coffee only meant one thing- Danni was here. Danni was the trainee I looked after 24/7. She lived in the basement of our block of flats but hung around mostly in my domain.“You need to hurry up Scar. At the rate you’re moving we aren’t likely to get to work before Christmas”“Let me get my keys and we’ll be off, okay?”Danni sighed in response, I had to give her a lift into work each morning and so far she had already been told off every day for the last few weeks. I knew she was scared of getting the sack but Thomas would never even consider getting rid of her. Danni not only was an excellent detective but also knew first aid and forensics. Shame I can’t say the same for me.After five minutes of routing through my black suede handbag I found my keys, as always they were right at the bottom. Me and Danni walked out my flat together and hopped into my mini. We talked briefly about the weekend but most of the drive down town was silent. This was fine with me, my conversation skills don’t usually kick in till gone nine in the mornings. As soon as I got through the door of HQ I was dragged into Detective Thomas’ office. I expected the usual ‘your late rant’ but surprisingly I didn’t receive it“Good morning Scarlett” Thomas smiled warmly at me but did not offer me a seat which usually means I’ll be heading off someplace. As he rambled on about the weather I observed his outfit, today he was wearing a striped suit with a red tie which read ‘I’m innocent’- how ironic.“Did you want something sir?” I asked with all the pleasantness I could muster.“Actually I did. There’s been a shoot up at 74 Asylum Street, I want you and Danni to head down there and take a look at the scene of crime and see what sort of forensics they’ve got so far”“Right” Like always if anyone was killed it would be me who was sent to find the criminal. I was the only CID detective in our little town.“Oh and Scarlett, this is not a ..not a usual murder. I think you’ll find it different from the others.” Thomas warned me.I muttered ‘thanks’ and then exited through one of the many doors in his office. After explaining the situation to Danni we both went off to gather up our various pieces of equipment. In my briefcase I took all my usual items; notebook, gloves, bags, handcuffs, CS spray, radios and finally but just as pre-caution my hand gun. So far I’ve never had to use it and hopefully it will stay that way but it’s better to be safe than sorry.I met Danni at reception as we arranged then grabbed the keys for the employees van. Asylum Street was rough and my car was new, I didn’t want it getting vandalised as it had been before.English homework-start of my detective story. Im 13, what do you think ?I have used paragraphed this but i copid and pasted straight from word and the spaces arn't showing- sorry.


Acai berry is not really meant to help one gain or lose wheigt. It is more of a nutritional supplement to augment a healthy lifestyle. It is also meant to be taken in moderation due to its potency. I have personally found however, that it does help to increase energy- which may be why sellers are quick to conclude that increased energy will equal increased wheigt loss (itself a far-out claim unless one is using that extra energy at the gym).According to Mona Vie- my acai berry drink of choice- it is 30 calories per serving (1oz), has 25% of vitamin C, and 12% of vitamin K. It is a pure juice blend of acai berry and other fruits (white grape, apple, acerola, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, apricot, prunes, kiwi, blueberry, wolfberry (goji), pomegranate, lychee, camu camu, as well as banana, pear, and bilberry purees. This blend in effect gives you a powerful dose of phytonutrients and antioxidants. My blend also contains glucosamine which is good for the joints. It is not so much the nutrient itself- but the chemical compounds released from the acai berry- that supposedly works its magic as a superfood. The berry is known to be a strong free radical scavenger.To gain muscle you should try a protein powder like whey or increase your consumption of other lean protein sources such as eggs and nuts. And, to lose fat you must do cardio! Increasing your muscle mass will help you to burn calories while resting- especially those in your thighs (quads and hamstrings)- but those effects are negligible without a sufficient cardio routine.So, sure, try acai berry, but not as a primary means for either wheigt loss or muscle building. As for Energy? I do notice a moderate difference and overall feeling of well-being- like taking your vitamins from a glass

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