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October 27, 2009


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somehow found your blog while browsing for a article for a class, but I have to say I'm happy I found it ...will definately browse more sometime.

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It's good if you're using it for a specific thing. I use mine to make comments about media things and to read comments from others about the same things.

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Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here.

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Yes, the twitter lists have gone over very well and are a great addition to the product for sure.

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Langlang always become my favourite artist. He's so multi talented person!

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Most people do it to stay "connected" - and have it sent to their phones. I had an account for a short time, but found it quite annoying with all the ridiculous twits being sent to me and deleted it.

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Those who are saying you can't earn on twitter have never earned money and are losers. Don't listen to them. Twitter is the most powerful site and many people are making money on Twitter, its a fact, you can't ignore it.

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They add people who they don't know and then they add them back.
That's basically how it works.

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It is a long journey for a tiny sperm which can not be seen by naked eye. So after each ejaculations several sperms start this journey and vanish and die without reaching the egg.

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You can download/buy games like super mario 1,2,3 or world, doctor mario and other n64 games... and buy the classic controller. you would only need to if you play NES & SNES games.

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There is little if any record about native americans and how they dealt with tornadoes. They obviously had little if any warning back then and I would suspect they lost many lives during the more severe ones that struck where some lived.

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Use a small part from each story that has already used the idea. Example: vampires from twilight, dragons from King Arthur, and a gun from Wild West - mixed them together = a vampire using a gun to fight a dragon - chessy?? Yeah.


The supercell has been downgraded to a thunderstorm about five seconds before my crazy tornado freak father calls my house and says, "you're damn lucky that storm didn't spawn any tornados, your little a$$ would've been blown away.

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My son is mixed also but because his daddy is black that means that he got most of his daddy's genes he has a cappuccino skin and his daddy's nose so i feel you.

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The country knows better than the eggheads in congress. Vote against anyone who voted for the biggest give away in history. A type of FDIC insurance agency for investment banking is needed.

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The supercell has been downgraded to a thunderstorm about five seconds before my crazy tornado freak father calls my house and says, "you're damn lucky that storm didn't spawn any tornados, your little a$$ would've been blown away.


We lost over a trillion in stocks yesterday because we failed to purchase $700 billion in morgages, which we could possibly make the money back up when the morgages are sold. I know the bill isn't perfect but it needs to be passed to prevent future damage.

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Jumps are always just going to take thousands of tries before getting it right and landing them. Often it's difficult to do what the coach says, such as pull in more or straighten the legs to land on, let alone trying to follow a mathematical formula.

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I liked Twitter's teach policy and think it would help Twitter to be more user friendly and popular.

Thanks !


It can be seen as a method of mediation at points of contact of two conflicting beliefs, but at the same time, the traditions which arise from the syncretism just enter into the arena and create more conflict.

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It is now clear that ‘gender’ and ‘gender relations’ are about both women and men" LMFAO!! I don't know anything about Social Sciences but I could have told them that! but to answer.


You can file, I don't think they will be very cooperative. Good luck.

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It maybe blocked by something like arrested development. If you had the bliss (love) you desire in your life you would not look to remind yourself of your mortality, through this clinical ritual.

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Renaissance highlighted individualism and classicism. Classicism coming from the study of ancient texts of ancient greeks and romans. People who studied the classical texts and stressed individualism were called humanists.

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Of course they are going to emit more CO2, but per passenger per mile its the cleanest fossil fuel burning method of transportation that exists.

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