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August 18, 2009


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Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!


Haha, those are ridiculous. We're certainly in the age of free-reign right now. I bet in 5 years there will be all kinds of restrictions on the Internet. Obviously, there will still be ways to get around them, but you'll have to jump through way way way more hoops.


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Chris Garduno

It is really funny the laws these people come up with

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I wasn't aware this was going on, thank you for the article.

Computer Freezes

I never new this law even existed! Thanks for the heads up.

Account Deleted

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Internet Laws are always change after something and no any law run long.its see what new laws come in future.


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So this new law is stating that all websites must be verifiable parental consent before collecting any information from Maine teenagers. I think its unnecessary to take matters this far. There are way to many websites out there to try and in force this. I believe this is a good idea but its hard to say if something like this will work or not.

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NetChoice first issue of iAWFUL was good. I look forward to all the other issues. I found them all really informative.

Matt Huston

Well, this is something we can expect to happen. The internet used to be something that you could use to get away with all kinds of stuff but now it has laws. This is a good thing though to help keep it a safe place to be.

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These internet laws are a great idea. It will help put people in their place.

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I agree with this. I also feel that internet lawyers are a great specialty though as well.


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It is difficult to say how the internet should be regulated, or if it should be regulated at all. I just hope that my freedom of expression on here does not get lost with all the worlds legalities.

Notranja Vrata

I am very glad to read this inter net laws,i think that it will very helpful and useful for stop internet crime. I dont't know he meant by that?

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Thanks, I found this info long time. I will use it in my work.



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