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August 05, 2009


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Maureen,The end of your article sums it up rpefectly. Having been in recruiting approximately the same amount of time as yourself, I have used nearly every medium available and find the phone ( old school or real recruiting as I often refer to it) to be the most effective. Using newer technology (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook) to source a name, send an email and then hope for a response is really no different than posting a job online and hoping good candidates apply. Picking up the phone to source (and recruit) is becoming a lost art. I assume it is because of the fear of rejection, embarrassment, being out-witted, etc., but not having to confront a stranger in real-time is something many people would like to avoid.


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Martin,I disagree with your emmocnt regarding complaints. The VA does need to hear these complaints; they also need to learn from these complaints. The main complaint I hear is no one is listening ; no one if fixing the systems. The systems are made up of people that are employed by a system that is NOT set up for accountability. When this changes, I think, only then, will there be notable changes in all of our government systems.Also, it has been suggested on this site that there is another government agency, the SSA, that does seem to be more effective and timely in doing their mission. What are they doing differently for this to be the case?Concerning the VA complaints/problems:What are the issues? What are the solutions? I have suggested putting up an area on this blogsite set up just for Issues/Solutions; and apparently it does not even merit acknowledgment from the Vantage Point Team much less any of the VA bureaucrats.In the 1980 s this modality was used by The ARMY FAMILY ACTION COMMITEE. In fact, it is still in the Army system and continues to be used for the purpose of feedback on problems and possible solutions.My understanding is that this formalized feedback loop has a weak link to the disabled Veterans/family members and retirees. It probably needs some tweaking, but it is part of a system that is already in place and can be expanded upon for better effectiveness. Again, it takes Veteran/family members perceived problems/complaints and turns them into possible solutions.During that time, the The Army's mantra became we hire soldiers; but we retain families. The VA should also be giving more than lip service to this concept as well. You see it occasionally in writing; but it still has not been accepted fully by VA management at the D.C. level as well as for the VA's line employees. Also; if employees have been in the VA system for years; they have to know or have SOME idea what the processes are that broken or outdated, etc. that need to be changed in order to rectify so many of these complaints/problems from Veterans/family members. Is there a website that these VA employees can filter their frustrations/problems/concerns with possible solutions (even anonymously, if necessary)?A lot of times, change is not welcomed by management and this site could be overseen at a different level. Lifetime federal employees don't like to be put in controversial situations; low profile or no profile is how we all get to Abilene (anyone remember the Bay of Pigs?). For example; one blogger wrote (complained) concerning untimely receipt of compensation pay that has affected him and his family in a very serious manner. (We often forget that most Americans are only one or two paychecks from being homeless .) (This Convalescence comp issue/solutions should also be part of General Shinsecki's program for avoiding possible Vet/family members homeless situation(s).) ISSUE: Convalescence compensationIt appears that convalescence requests are not expedited. It appears that they are placed in the claim stacks with all of the other claims which sets up unnecessary hardships for Veterans/family members. SOLUTION(S): A). Have VAMC personnel, Dr./Nurse Practioners/Social Workers/VAMC assigns/Private Doctors sign off on a VA Form which can be pulled off VA Website)that goes directly to XXXX where it is processed for its timely compensation to the Veteran. B) Letter (and email) to go out with Conv Pay that spells out steps for continuance, etc.and/or have such information placed on Veterans E-file that stipulates when it was received, when it will go out, and steps necessary to continue, etc. Whomever is the Undersecretary that the issue/solution would come under should communicate why this would or wouldn't work in specific terms. The word still has not gotten out about this blogsite; I again think that having a specific area where Issues/Concerns/Solutions is needed. If the VA wants to get feedback (solutions)that will work from the people that are having to deal with its ineffectiveness, it would be better to lay it out now; then wait for the thousands of Veterans/Family members that want to have a say in a system that was set up to serve them and that the American people (including them) pay for!Blogging for Change..for the benefit of all Veterans and family members. because they deserve better; much better.BHVetwife AdvocateAdvocate


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I was going to write you a private email on this very thing. I am etexrmely uncomfortable with this sort of thing. I find a lot of atheist activism and even general events to be so reminiscent of my church days that it is not even funny.My husband and I (who is becoming even more hard core atheist than I) were talking about this the other day, and my feelings were stated thusly: I am just not interested in convincing anyone that what they think or believe, is wrong . Does this make me a bad, irresponsible atheist? Perhaps. Perhaps I should be more aware of the wooists and their hold on world leaders and be concerned about this. Perhaps I should fight Islam with all my strength because it's only a matter of time until sharia law is invoked in my country. I don't like charlatans, human rights violators, idiots of any kind, but they have always existed and will continue to, long after I have taken my last breath. If people want to waste their money seeing Deepak Chopra (getting back to the aforementioned event) and honestly believe that their life is enhanced doing so, who am I to challenge them? And why would I challenge them?When I hear of activism of this sort I think that there should be an atheist on every set of church steps every Sunday, handing out pamphlets as well.


The best you can say about a deal like this? He's on the right path. As far as yanking on othres' ideas? Don't tell Quentin not to do that. Mash ups are mash ups. In this global world of a global and diversified audience you want to make movies for, better know how to write and direct an image driven narrative, more so than greta dialogue will ever provide.


It's clear that we need to move from an information to a kgewlodne based culture but I doubt the universities are going to be the place, because the Universities center around an extremely narrow ideology Marxism in the form of Political Correctness. Which is anti-knowledge, of course. Anti-historical too.


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Perhaps the perception of hainndg out flyers as negative has to do with the fact that almost nobody ever hands out flyers to simply be honest while exposing the false and unverifiable and meaningless. It's always someone who wants your money, or your vote, or your membership. Or it's a nut case. I haven't seen your flyers, but this doesn't sound like any of that. You can't seriously be comparing yourself with Ray Comfort. Content matters.


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I'd say there is not much rational basis for tinyrg to convince attendees to such events, however, if that is your goal you're doing activism wrong. The point of handing out material a such an event is so you can be seen by the media doing that. Protests often equal free media coverage. And that will help you reach the people who might actually benefit.


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