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May 04, 2009



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The current state of play reminds you of the lousy experience of illegally

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Yo these look great, man! I wish I remembered which ones I took If you ever need help again, just give me a holelr Also, I'm trying out the free-lensing technique — it's HARD! I'm using my 35mm trying it too, developing my own film. Not as easy as it is on digital, and even that's difficult.Anyway, give me an email or something and let me know how life is. Hope all's well! Great shots (even at the end of the 13-hour day).E


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The reporter is prtety chill.But I miss this old Justin that would joke around like this. I like this video just shows you that Justin still has it in him. He is STILL that boy from canada. The one that everyone fell in love with-3


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