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April 28, 2009



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Y'all keep me on my toes!! I meant to say that any sewing paerttn will work -- maybe an old halloween one you don't need anymore?? Or I find them at thrift stores here. I have been selling them in my etsy shop also. :) Happy hunting!!


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Hello. And Bye.


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Thanks, Hank. I completely agree with your aessssment. I, too, welcome the use of innovation and technologies that, as you say, would enable a more precise understanding of the data, so that it is more readily interpretable by EHR technologies and user-practitioners. And that access to data could become more straightforward, regardless of the technology of the source. But, too often the context of the patient is not fully considered in these discussions, and my intent was to raise that voice more loudly. I also agree with your concerns about taking too disruptive of an approach. The sweet spot would be to build on the foundational standards work that has been accomplished and find a way to simplify and accelerate its adoption. Those providers that testified at the HIT Standards Committee implementation hearings last week were calling for interoperability NOW. We don't have time to start the process over again.


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If your articles are alywas this helpful, "I'll be back."


Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good infomratoin.


Well said Bill & it's great there are people out there like you that can show cltines the opportunities for them to integrate best of breed thro an API environment most cltines think technology is the hard bit it isn't and shouldn't be although I know people who make money from telling people it's hard .


Mona, these are just beautiful! I eslpaicely love the little footbridge. Such a wonderful composition. We got just a little snow last night, so hopefully things will be a little more "colorful" here now.Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.Have a fantastic day!lisa.


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