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March 26, 2009



Does anyone know if Comcast will soon carry The Ski Channel. I'm think of switching services.



Still haven't figured out The Ski Channel issue on Comcast. It is so frustrating becasue I am an avid snow enthusiast but can't watch The Ski Channel? Has anyone heard anything.


I am having the same problem as well. Comcast is my carrier and they don't carry it. I'm sick of this. It's time to unite. Please write Comcast demanding this channel.


The Ski Channel is well worth it. Totally awesome coverage and everything. The site is killer to (http://www.theskichannel.com). Good vibes coming from them.


This winter I was stuck and could not find a good place to get away to. The actual website for The Ski Channel helped quite a bit. They even provided me with a good weather forecast for my trip. Definitely well worth checking it out.


I love the vibes going down here. Totally stoked that this channel is getting so much love. It's about time. The Ski Channel = cause marketing at its finest.


I remember stumbling across this channel some two years ago when the site was little more than just a postcard preview of things to come. Now look at them. The Ski Channel is poisted to take over outdoor activities. Keep up the good work Ski Channel.

Tom Martin

I have called Comcast a thousand times and they say that there isn't a ski channel. Wow, way to be on top of the television world Comcast!


Yeah I have dish and was happy they added them to VOD although I want full time.

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I am having the same problem as well. Comcast is my carrier and they don't carry it. I'm sick of this.

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