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January 24, 2009


Michael Carter

One more thing that you missed in your analysis (though it was very good). Check out the last login date. 2/10/2007. I don't know what this guy's name is or his conviction date, but he doesn't present a threat. He hasn't even logged on in almost 2 years. Yes, they should cancel the account. However, they should have been able to find someone who had logged in within 30 days, was active with friends, with whom they could prove active affiliations.

The Real Deal

More Political fear monger grandstanding politics. Get a life folks.

Give me a break!

Geraldo Wannabees! Made the whole story up!

Steven Rambam

I am the Investigator that is the subject of your slightly snarky comments.

While I certainly understand a cynical attitude - I am similarly afflicted - you should have done a bit more careful analysis.

As Michael Carter points out, the Myspace page was posted during 2007. As I do not own a magic time machine, I am not capable of falsifying 2 year old myspace pages (which seems to be what you are implying). (BTW, Michael, we did find dozens of myspace.com pages for current and active accounts.)

Yes, the vast majority of the RSOs that we found on myspace used their true names and accurate descriptions. (Yes, even I was surprised, and I've seen a lot of remarkably dumb bad guys.) I think that the RSOs using their true identities speaks equally to a. the RSOs lack of intelligence, b. the fact that many RSOs truly believe that they did nothing wrong and, c. sadly, their contempt for myspace.com's screening methods.

Just FYI, I will this week be reporting more than 100 of the RSOs in a statement that will be under oath. As in: under penalty of perjury, where a false statement will be a 7-year felony.

And also just FYI, Elinor Mills, who you "like and respect" (so do I), verified many of the matches, including the one that she posted.

In the future, just for the sake of fairness and common courtesy and decency - yes, there's a place for that even on blogs - you might consider fact checking your posts a bit more comprehensively. And tone-down the snarkiness.

Thanks for caring enough about the issue to comment, though.

463 Communications


It actually never crossed my mind that you or anyone associated with you would have posted this page in 2007 (and, I noticed that date, too). My guess is that, if it is not "real", the page was created by some joker with too much time on their hands. I'll happily make this more clear on the post, itself.

My issue with this is not the body of your research, but that this particular page was used as the exemplar of it.

Thanks for your comment and feel free to provide input here anytime.

463 Communications

I've deleted a comment that provides a link to a site that impugns Mr. Rambam's character. Seemingly, whenever he is mentioned in a news item or blog post, a commenter posts a link to this page.

I have no idea what this back and forth is all about, but I don't care and don't think that it carries relevance on this particular post.

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Near the end of their incarceration, we could sort of have them ease back into the real world and help them get started (economically speaking). If they are educated and self suficient, they are less likely to commit another crime.

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Yes, they should cancel the account. However, they should have been able to find someone who had logged in within 30 days, was active with friends, with whom they could prove active affiliations.

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