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January 16, 2009



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Matt can not really say anntihyg to this. I met Vivek at PdF09 this year and he was an engaging, intelligent person. As for an $18M website that is surprising which has me wondering where the costs come from. But I have heard many times how government always pays a higher rate for all services which I never fully understood.When Vivek and I spoke he was looking for people who could take project management skills and apply them to government while keeping true to cost issues and the original remit. The challenge about DC is there is a very tight network of people who support each other.When I did the Kerry Campaign, the first issue I addressed was the incredible cost of internet bandwidth we were paying to Akamai at the time. In 2003, they were charging us $1600/M with overage after 3M. Compared to a commercial rate of $400 (or so) / M this was outrageous. I found out later, after negotiating them to a $360/M deal for the campaign, that the reason for the price differential was that it was through the government sales office which has different expectations on performance (e.g. better than 5-nines performance). While I appreciate the concept, it is not what government always needs. There is such a thing as a tradeoff in business and engineering and I know there is in government.As for Vivek I know nothing gets really rolling at least for a year. Give the man the time to breathe. His background is one thing his performance as the CIO of DC is another.


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