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December 18, 2008


Lisa Marie

Digital downloads of music, movies, and books have no carbon footprint and use none of the oil consumed with a round-trip to the store. Moreover, there’s no plastic and paper packaging to create and crate off to a landfill. We've blogged on the environmental benefits of downloading here.

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You can also try Google shopping or eBay. There are a lot of different cases to choose from so if you have some idea of what you want (hard case, gel case etc) it will make it easier to search.

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It was NOT a contrail. I worked in the airline industry -- please, it's not a contrail. I think they said that because they know what it is and they are trying to throw us off.

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I assume you bought a repossessed home that had the yard neglected. First make sure your sprinkler system works if not get it repaired and start watering the lawn. Once you do you may start to see some green grass emerge. Mow the lawn then get rid of the worst weeds.

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The NAACP must have had a rally in your town and made them all realize that doing crime is not their fault. If you come from under privilaged areas then obviously you have a free ticket and excuse to do whatever crimes you want.

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Where is a better place for aspiring musicians to get their works out? I'm trying to make a successful life with music... exposure seems to be what I need.

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All items that are free and not scarce would be given for use with with full freedom . Scarce Resources cannot be doled out free - You have full freedom to be hungry.

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I am so glad you never put the winner on the front page anymore since that one time when I freaked out b/c the west coast didn't know that shut your mouth and say it ain't so won yet.

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As for the content, I am not a control freak. I do not wear Birkenstocks. I do not tsk-tsk either. I have become fatigued with people accusing me of "hand wringing." Hand wringing seems to be the de rigueur put-down of the day to the point that it has become a cliche.

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I am glad I read this, because it reminded me too of the fears of Kruschev's "We will ury you!" burned into my psyche. Tho I still doubt that I would have reacted like these ids...

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I think you will actually find quite a few adults (even baby boomers) who were celebratory as well. It seems that you are dismissing this a youth/college-student phenomenon, when really it just wasn't. I am not of those who were thoroughly disgusted with the celebration.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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No. It has to be a registered 501(c)(3) cirthay. If you gave more than $250 to any single cirthay, they must give you a receipt. Receipts required for all cash donations no matter how small. Retain receipts for your records for 6 years in case you get audited.References :


The IRS would only be going after you if distribution of the atesss was made without the tax debt being paid by the estate. The executor of the estate shouldn't have given any atesss without a release from the IRS. You may have a case against the executor for breach of fiduciary duty but you'll still have to pay the taxes owed. The IRS does offer Installment Agreements on tax debt for people in situations like yours. Definitely look into a penalty abatement to try to cut that down because in this may not be your fault.


Honestly, the only real benefit for first time home buryes right now is that they do not have a house to sell and can take advantage of the low housing prices. There are some first time home buyer government grants out there but they are few and far between.The other benefit is the tax credit that you mentioned. Right now, the law in effect is for a tax credit up to $7,500. The 15,000 tax credit bill has not passed yet (and there is no guarantee that any bill will pass). No, it does not mean that you receive 7,500 toward the down payment and no, it does not mean that you are taxed on 7,500 less income. What it means is that if purchase a house by June of 2009, when you file your 2009 taxes you can opt to receive an additional $7,500 on your refund. That $7,500 is really an interest free loan that is repaid over the next 15 years. So if you were entitled to the entire $7500, in 2009 you would receive an additional $7500 and then each year thereafter you would receive a refund of $500 less to repay the loan/tax credit.


Of course goeernmvnt employees pay taxes just like everyone else should, And IRS employees must file their tax return on or before April 15th, and full pay the amount they owe. If a goeernmvnt employee owes at time of filing, they may be granted an installment but for 36 months, and most of the time IRS will rather take it out of their paycheck.


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