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December 15, 2008



But they can't do that right?

Force someone to take down his own webcam, force him to post a self-insulting "apology" on his own website...

Who threatened Adam?

I don't think they had any right to do so.

As far as I see it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the webcam existed in Adam's privately rented apartment. He uploaded the video -- his video -- to his site. If he chose to edit, he had that prerogative. As far as I know, he broke no laws in filming and streaming his webcam.

That makes it all the more outrageous that thugs could threaten him with brute force -- and succeed at it -- in America, of all places, land of the free and home of the brave.

Putting aside the specifics of Adam's case, do we want a culture where everyone can record everyone else? Imagine if technology advances to the point where cameras shrink so that they can stream from one's glasses. Imagine if a casual observer can't even tell the camera's there, let alone that it's on and uploading. What happens then?

463 Communications

dR: Indeed. While Adam is a sympathetic character in this tale, and it is wrong that he was "forced" to take the camera and site down, your last point indicates the complexities of the issue.

If someone was constantly uploading video of the sidewalk outside your house, how would you feel?

Or, if there was a good chance that your bus ride to work was streamed to the Web, would you feel safer or feel uncomfortable?


Big Brother is here, the web, broadband to every home and apt. has just accelerated it.

I say live with it...the next time the camera catches a murderer or rapist in the area or outside that apt. window. The camera will be lauded as a must and more cameras should be installed.


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Wonderful, his trust in his loved ones. Enjoyed very much.

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Perhaps if you had done it in the form of a practical joke, it might have worked. I like your Dad for many reasons, both here and stories before.

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This was wonderful. I saw him, heard him, and knew him after reading this. Well done, and congratulations on the EP.

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How sad to lose your father when he was so young. I love that you have his sweater to remind you of the great man he was!

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Words can't do this fine piece justice - I'd give you one of Linda's hugs if she'd lend me one.

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well told, and though he was no outdoorsman, his code of honesty and respect shines in every sentence.

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The only way to the father is but by me, and if your a woman, you have to have a hunsbad too. ) Maybe thats one of the plain and precious truths taken from the Bible, right?I am thinking about how hard it was for my wife to leave. But now, she is a beacon of light unto her family. They at least have to run the question of Well why did she leave? through their minds, which may lead them into questioning and true investigation of their faith, rather than relying on the heart-sell.One of the most unfortunate issues that LDS who leave the church tend to run into is leaving faith in God all together. The LDS church has scarred them so badly, they turn away from all faith. These men were blessed by having turned to the Bible to learn about the real Jesus, instead of just finding out about all of the LDS church's dirty secrets.


something like; previously, when he was LDS, he hadn't tetusrd the Bible because it didn't align with Mormonism. That just jumped out at me the aha moment. There is is: The LDS religion does not align with the Bible. The other thing was when they were talking about the five points the MM are suppose to emphasize and they were led away from the first four into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Jesus of the Bible with which Mormonism does not align. Paul talks in Phillipians about his prior life as a Jew and how he had the pedigree based on the law and works. He then says he counted it all as rubbish now that he knew Jesus and the power of His resurrection. It amazes me how the Holy Spirit worked in the lives of these young men to lead them to Christ. A miracle righ before our eyes. Thank you for posting this. It was a real encouragment to me.


Laura Goertz - Hey Fran!AMAZING!!! We love the pictures and all the wufoerndl things you had to say about us. You had me crying in the car on the way to the airport today.(what me cry!!??) I feel the same way about you! You are an instant friend:) You made everything so easy even though I was close to hyperventilating. Your pictures are amazing and I cant wait to see more! Thank you so much!!August 6, 2010 7:37 pm


I think it takes a small mind to say the only reason Mormons get piekcd on is because others can't lie still and see them enjoying themselves. How about because they have hijacked the name of another religion? How about their founders threw the first stone and piekcd on Christians and attacked their beliefs FIRST and now others want to defend themselves against those attacks? How about some may care for the Mormons' souls and want to help them find Jesus? How about some hate the lies and control of the Mormon leadership and want truth exposed to it's members? You fool yourself and judge others motives incorrectly if you think the only reason Mormonism gets piekcd on is because people are nosy-parkers . I find it extremely frustrating how I can post lists and lists of quotes from LDS founders and leaders attacking and being downright vitriolic towards Christians and the Christian beliefs, but you guys completely ignore it! You won't comment on it or acknowledge the fact that your prophets have attacked another religion first! You just sit back and cry about how persecuted you are and pretend you don't deserve to be piekcd on . Your missionaries bring it on you when they knock on doors and tell unsuspecting people that Christianity is an false and an abomination to God. You hypocrites! -Jesus Of course, when they take up cudgels, swords, and guns, they stop being humorous and become devilishly dangerous. I agree like in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Not funny at all.


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