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December 29, 2008


Franklin and Marshall

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Jan. 26, 2013 6:54 a.m. Wow, JeffFromVegas, way to go! Pretty much like Hitler, Stalin Mao did it! I m all Femmes Pochettes Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch M58018 for invading the privacy of people s homes and taking away their guns. No, wait, why stop there? There s lots of things I don t like about people, especially those on the left, so I ll just confiscate anything they own I don t agree they should have. To Hell with their Constitutional rights! They are doing things or saying things I don t like. Better yet, I ll open Concentration camps for those I determine are criminals, starve them and put them into forced labor. Next, I ll line some of them up against a wall and execute them as a warning to the others. That s worked so well in the past, it will surely work in the 21st Century, won t it? The more I think about it, the more I like your plan, JeffFromVegas. But only if I am the boss. By Jan. 26, 2013 7:12 a.m. hookershaky says: Laws stink- Let the richest and most heavily armed prevail ! Thanks for my very first morning chuckle. Enjoyed the letter, but I don t see the comparison between vehicles and semi-automatic assault rifles. Vehicles kill, and they can kill multiple people all at the same time, Echarpe Louis Vuitton Velvet Logo Signature noire but the only way they can continue killing is if someone drives back and forth, or continues to wreck into things without completely destroying the car. Assault rifles though have the ability to kill multiples times, especially with extended magazines you can use without reloading, and you don t have to go all through that smash, drive back and forth, speed up, slow down thing. Sorry. Just don t see the comparison. One thing I do know is that if there are no sane, rational gun safety regulations and/or laws on the books, and soon, the American people, an OVERWHELMING amount of people, will be clamoring for our Government to do something to do something, anything to stop mindless, senseless killings. The only sure thing we know is that the NRA and other pro-gun manufacturer lobbies WILL NOT and CANNOT be allowed to have a say in this matter. They are to be rejected. Any and all of their advice. Because they are talking on the level they want to sell guns. They don t care about any of this. Just sell, sell, sell. They act like they care, but they really don t care if everyone blows each other away. Period. So, I m glad to see that people who are trying to enact legislation are ignoring those Ted Nugent pry the weapon from my cold, gnarled up, rigid, rigor mortised fingers types. Because they are not helping. Just spouting nonsense. Everything I see is the American people want something done. On ALL sides of the political aisles. Every single poll I have seen shows Femmes Pochettes Louis Vuitton Petillante M93427 a majority across the board. Background checks, ban on assault weapons, change the Second Amendment, mental health issues changes, WHATEVER. The American people simply do not like to wake up to drink coffee and eat cornflakes by watching startling news that twenty, COUNT THEM, twenty children, along with six elementary school adults, got blasted to smithereens. To further add to this horrifying Ceinture Louis Vuitton Chic Damier Ebene Toile Marron Lv301 picture, it has been reported that each child received anywhere from three to eleven bullets entering their bodies apiece. This cannot happen anymore. Fix it. Stop the bickering. Sit down at a table and fix it. By Jan. 26, 2013 8:24 a.m. Is Mr. Emil really saying that background checks on all gun sales won t prevent some sales of guns to criminals? Do you leave your keys in your unlocked car in your driveway or at the mall? No, because it forces the criminal to take extra steps. There are several gun buyers who buy hundreds of guns a month and then sell the guns to criminals. Because the original buyer is clean he ll always pass the background check. Because Republicans in Congress neutered the ATF by preventing the ATF from collecting data on gun sales, the ATF can t find out who these clean buyers are and stop them. We do want to stop these sales to criminals, don t we? We agree that criminals shouldn t have guns, right? We agree Ceinture Louis Vuitton Chic Monogram Vernis Deep Rouge that law-abiding citizens should be able to buy and own guns, right? When I was young and bought alcohol, the clerk checked my ID. Why is it such a problem to have an instant background check when you buy a gun? If you re not in a criminal database, you get the gun. How can you argue that no ID is needed to buy a gun but ID is needed to vote? When misused, which has a more devastating impact, one gun or one vote? By


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