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December 22, 2008



Biebs has announced that his My World tour has ended in the US. The last stop on the tour was Atlanta, Georgia last night. For 2011, Biebs has an inaotnrtienal tour planned starting off in the UK in March.


tdfisk on August 30, 2011 @TheGoodalpha Geo-domes built just for them? That's a bit fanciful. They don't want to silmpy survive. Actually they have several values and money is not at the top. Most important is their social standing and the power they wield. They can't have that in a Geo-dome. They need civilization to survive. They may allow quite a bit of destruction, but they are also very careful not to cause a collapse. I foresee the eventual elimination of oil, but I don't see oil as threatening our existence.Thomas

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