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October 02, 2008



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somehow found your blog while looking for a article for a class, but I have to say I'm glad I found it ...will definately come back sometime.

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It was a missile launch and the US does not want to admit there was no way that it could protect the population from a deliberate or not so deliberate strike. Most likely, it was an errant launch from a US submarine.

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I have nothing to add from the 2 posts above me, both seem to have you well covered and on the way to a full green lawn. It normally takes a couple years to have a very nice weed free lawn in my experience.

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Yes just seen it on the news, that just goes to show you that racism is alive and well in the US, no matter how bad the white people try to pretend otherwise. I think that was a total disgrace and made the US look like fools.

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I can't imagine being hungry all the time, except during months long diets I went on time and again and lost considerable weight. but for it to be forced on you by circumstances that SUCKS!

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Some criticisms: the uneliitmd internet bandwidth and speed sounds great in theory but there has to be technology (this takes time, money, creativity and technical know-how) and money (billions, if not trillions) behind it. At the rate of expansion of internet connectivity and bandwidth demands (video and "real-time" multimedia), bittorrent traffic, accounting for roughly 50% of all internet traffic, it is a juvenile fantasy to want uneliitmd anything.Security, security, security!!! This will be pivotal to making a national broadband network (the national intranet). It should protect both the network(s) itself and the end-user(s) [it may require that there is a national computer network security best practices policy]. With perhaps the development of a national advisory panel that helps to regulate this, taking the input of security researchers and companies. Developing the relevant educational initiatives.Energy-efficient technologies that help to control energy costs related to the powering of data-centers and various network-carriers (ISPs) for a bigger and more dense national network.Inter-ISP coordination and resource sharing. Including the developing of protocols for handling differents sorts of traffic at peak-times (this is related to the differentiation mechanism for handling different kind of traffic).Models for efficient upgrading of technology (both on the front- and back-end) as the network ages, including proper investments that reduce if not eliminate costs [perhaps a national technology tax with a fixed baseline >0 but prorated by network density, if fiscally feasible)].Development of models for increasing network design/implementation efficiencies and dealing with scaling problems (that ISPs and required to look at in developing and deploying their networks). Perhaps development of a private/public research company/ies {or even dare I say a college/university} (could help create jobs) that studies these problems and develops applied solutions (I am thinking here of another ATT Labs or perhaps a wholly independent Google research team [independent in the sense of Google having no claims on patentable work(s)/idea(s), or managing with an eye to any financial or stockholder bottom line]).


Ensure that the connection is unteetfred and available to anyone using the net. Restore the peer to peer connection by using Ipv6. Define what exactly is broadband and Highspeed. It should also be a minimum speed of 1.5 meg for basic connection and 5 meg for standard and say no to quota's. They are a good idea on the technical side, but the business side will use this as a means to make more money than they should. Rant 45 dollar a month for inconsistent speed and questionable up time is wrong. Basic network connection should be no more that 25 dollars a month. Be able to choose any ISP I want not be lock into single provider and the no long term contracts. Force the ISP to give the customer good prices and customer service. Maybe look into government control of the nations backbone connection, likely not a good chose, but rules need to be implemented. The internet has turned into a utility not a service and should be treated as such.

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