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September 22, 2008



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No doubt both are great ball players.West is btteer including his slower years at the end of his career.Allen Iverson 11 years in the NBAJerry West 14 years in the NBAAllen Iverson in playoffs 7 of 11 years in NBAJerry West's Lakers in playoffs 14 of 14 years in NBAAllen Iverson 7 All NBA Teams (3 First team, 3 Second team, 1 Third team)Jerry West 12 All NBA Teams (10 First team, 2 Second team)Allen Iverson 8 consecutive All Star Teams in 11 NBA yearsJerry West 13 consecutive All Star Teams in 14 NBA yearsAllen Iverson 0 All NBA Defensive Teams in 11 yearsJerry West 5 All NBA Defensive teams (4 First team, 1 Second team) in 6 years (6 years because the all defensive team did not start until West's last six years in the NBA starting in 1969 with West retiring in 1974)Allen Iverson 1 regular season MVP awardJerry West 1 NBA Finals MVP award (Jerry West's career was dominated by the primes of Bob Pettit, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Wes Unseld, Lewis Alcindor/Kareem Abdul Jabbar who always managed to win the regular season MVP award)Allen Iverson 0 finishes in top ten in FG%Jerry West 4 finishes in top ten in FG% for season (high of 51.4%)Allen Iverson 0 finishes in top ten in FT% for seasonJerry West 7 finishes in top ten in FT% for season (high of 87.8%)Allen Iverson 2 years in top ten total assists for seasonJerry West 10 years in top ten total assists for season (league leading 9.7 assists per game one season)Allen Iverson 2.3 steals per game for careerJerry West 2.6 steals per game for careerAllen Iverson 2 times led NBA in turnovers in a seasonJerry West 0 timesAllen Iverson 6 times has been in Top Ten in turnovers for seasonJerry West 0 timesAllen Iverson 1 time led NBA in total points for season (Yes, only 1 time, go check the stats for each season)Jerry West 3 times second in NBA in total points for seasonAllen Iverson 27.9 ppg for 11 year NBA careerJerry West 27.0 ppg for 14 year NBA careerAllen Iverson 67 playoff games averaging 30.0 ppgJerry West 153 playoff games averaging 29.1 ppgAllen Iverson 0 NBA rings in 1 NBA FinalsJerry West 1 NBA rings in 9 NBA Finals (6 against Bill Russell's Celtics and 3 against Walt Frazier's and Willis Reed's Knicks)NOTE: Because Iverson had the 3 point shot for entire career and Jerry West never had the 3 point shot at any point in his career, I consider Jerry West's regular season and playoff scoring averages higher than Allen Iverson's averages which are almost identical. Also, West's averages per game include the end of his career through injuries with Iverson currently being 31 years old and West retiring at the age of 36 years old.Jerry West is either significantly btteer or equivalent in every major statistical category plus Jerry West has a NBA ring which Iverson does not, and West's career game statistics were effected by injuries at the end of his career as Iverson is much younger and has not come to the end of his career.As far as playing in their primes at similar ages, West seems to be far superior to Iverson in every statistical category.


I know you are entitled to your own opniion, but? anybody who bets against the Heat is a retard. And your opniion sucks ass! Great freaking BBQ in Oklahoma though, other than that stick to football.(friendly trash talk don't get your tampon in a bunch)


haha gtfo, you lost a 12 point lead and now your anus hurts, get over it. Memphis got a little run and a taste at the top of the stndinags but we all now who that position belongs to. So know your place and stfu.


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