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July 22, 2008


Franklin and Marshall

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i read your article and remmebered that i, as a westerner, respected P.E.Trudeau for his willingness to express himself simply and therefore i thought i respected the liberal party. i was young.i worked and married throughout the time of chretien and martin after that i at least respected martin for his backbone sticking to the nessessary changes in the budget but not so much the liberal party but we can all hold our noes while we vote.after missing the opportunity with martin leaving and the election of whats his name and his failures then the annointing of iggy as the saviour i really lost all respect for the party as a representative of what i believed in.if the the liberal party of cananda is to survive it must change.it must change to reflect the values of the majority of canadians.it must change to encompass the center and the left.it must change.it must change to remain true to original founding principles if the executive can remeber them.it must recognize the majority of canadians didnt vote for the LPC the majority of canadians didnt vote for the NDP the majority of canadians didnt vote for the Conservatives.the majority of canadians did vote for a center left canda.if the liberal party of canada wants to be relevant or included in canadians vision it must change it must renew and become the liberal democratic party of canada.it must change.


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