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July 19, 2008



It is clear Universal has a right to raise a lawsuit against Mrs. Stephanie Lenz.
It is completly within the right of the company to ask Mrs. Lenz to remove the video.
Universal clearly represents Mr. Prince and his monetary interests, and the company is contractually obligated to threatan Mrs. Lenz. The video was not about the toddler, but about promoting a music clip, that was not her property. The music is the property of Mr. Prince, who could sue Universal if the company did not take action against Mrs. Lenz and the toddler (when he turns 18). The other toddlers appearing in the video are assisting in the making of the video - clearly they could be implicated in the suit - and increases the possibility of the suit being financially viable. One must not take all of this lightly. Law is law and it is must be enforced. It is the foundation of society - or else there will be chaos.

(you thought I was serious? :)))

It's incredible what bull shit you can come up with when you try to put yourself in the shoes of an attorney. To think like them is just plain crazy. It's all intellectual mode without heart. So here is what I think (and feel). Read below.


The recording industry is in self-destruct mode! Good for them, good for us. It's all about committing business model suicide. Let them do it. Let them sue everybody, and when there is nobody left to sue, they can look around and survey the damage. By then the rest of use will still be listening to our favorite music, as most normal musicians and actors and writers and artists, etc.. , will be living in some other business model we are all willing to support. So I say to Universal and the rest of them: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

With regards from Budapest.

(I wrote this last part after seeing the video and before writting the legal stuff at top).

turultan at gmail dot com

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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