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July 09, 2008


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A RICH MAN gave a great feast, to which he invited many friends and acquaintances. His Dog availed himself of the occasion to invite a stranger Dog, a friend of his, saying, "My master gives a feast, and there is always much food remaining; come and sup with me tonight." The Dog thus invited went at the hour appointed, and seeing the preparations for so grand an entertainment, said in the joy of his heart, "How glad I am that I came! I do not often get such a chance as this. I will take care and eat enough to last me both today and tomorrow." While he was congratulating himself and wagging his tail to convey his pleasure to his friend, the Cook saw him moving about among his dishes and, seizing him by his fore and hind

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Haha! I feel bad that they don't know how to interact with people. I once went to a similar store here and the salesgirl heard my accent and asked where I was from.

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moola veereswara raemoe kavithalu chadivika nijamina kavityam chadivinaanubhooti kalugutonidi. enko vesasham mee surname naa surname okkate , inko similarity meelagaa naadi kavi kulame-Veereswara Rao Moola


Thirumal NellutlaHeart felt appreciation to all the writres for their great poetry art Please keep it going Ravi Verelly, special Thanks for sharing Kudos Thirumal Nellutla


b.ajay prasadnaayudu,poem bagnuadi. especially నా తలకాయలో / వాటి ప్రియురాళ్ళ ముఖాల్ని తుడిచేశాను /నిద్రలో పాకి /నా ప్రియురాళ్ళ ముఖాల్ని అవి తినేశాయి chaalaa bagundi.b.ajay prasad

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the station and the Time story gave it a head of steam.


Hi, Elaine!I thought about you, too, being in Michigan and all. Two of our team rireds are from Troy. And the Howe's, of course, have DEEP Michigan ties. Yeah, the Saturday weather was nasty in some parts of the state, and we rode through them! We got some drenching rain on all three days, but gratefully only for a couple of hours each day. That is part of the experience. We have to deal with the weather and whatever other challenge comes our way during the ride. And you know, the temperature was in the mid 70's. Perfect. A few years ago we did it with 105 degrees on the pavement!The faces on the children can literally make you cry. At this event, they are joyful, but they are not all "doing well." Many of them have terminal diseases. Our challenges riding are nothing compared to what these kids and their families go through. The kids and families that show up to this event are very grateful for what Make-A-Wish has given them. For us, it's a joy to be part of it. The WAM event is a heartwarming experience all the way around!

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