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July 09, 2008


MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.


Great questions Andie D.You'd like to know more about my exetnded family?Answer: I have a mother. Her name is Jewell. She lives in Newark, NJ. I have a brother, 23 years old. He lives in Newark, NJ with my mom, OH wait...he just moved out on his own. (He think he's grown you know how kids are) LOLI had another brother his name was Aaron Delmar--who DROWNED his b.day would have been july 13th. he would have been 35. I still have issues with swimming but, that's a story for another day.My husband and I met in highschool, we had our daughter Danyelle (yes, he's her daddy too) when we were 17 (yikes) Most people THINK i'm the step mom or he's the step dad, but, we're her biological parents. I have a question for you. What made you think she was my step daughter? I'm curious to know.


Can't even remember how I found your blog, but I aaywls remember that I like your smile, your attitude, your sense of humor. And DJ is freakin' cute!I'd like to hear more about you, about your extended family (if applicable), your thoughts & opinions on, well, ANYTHING. And I like the pictures. LOVE the pictures. I know that your hub is your high school sweetheart, and I know that your daughter is "technically" your step-daughter (I don't even like to use "step"), but I'd love to hear more about how your family became a family. Have you and your hub been together since high school? Did you reconnect somehow? Etc.


I sincerely hope you are able to get some help!Regarding Medicaid, each state is dreefifnt, so you would need to contact your local Medicaid office to find out the particulars about coverage and requirements. However, they are largely looking at income and assets, so will look at how much money you have saved, any property, and your income to determine if you qualify. The threshold is usually pretty low. Also, it can take up to 45 days to get coverage, so even if you qualify, you might not be able to get assistance right away. You can find your state's Medicaid website below, but you might also have some luck calling around to local churches and helping agencies. Usually most areas have at least a basic support network in place, so don't be discouraged if you don't find help right away. Instead, make sure to ask if they know of any place that might be able to help you and eventually you will talk to the right person/place. Check with your local social security agency too, as well as for city/county resources. Was this answer helpful?


I like your post. You make some good points.

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Ensinnäkin haluan sanoa loistava blogi! Minulla oli nopea kysymys, että haluaisin kysyä, jos et pahastu. Olin kiinnostunut selvittää, miten voit keskittää itsesi ja tyhjentää ajatuksia ennen kirjallisesti. Minulla oli kova aika clearing mieleni saada ajatukseni pois. Olen todella nautin kirjallisesti mutta se vain tuntuu ensimmäistä 10 15 minuuttia on yleensä hukkaan vain yrittää selvittää, miten aloittaa. Ideoita tai vinkkejä? Kiitos!

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